Playin Soccer: EVER SEARCHED FOR YOURSELF ON YOUTUBE? | TRINCAO takes the #90secondschallenge

Awesome Tip: EVER SEARCHED FOR YOURSELF ON YOUTUBE? | TRINCAO takes the #90secondschallenge

Francisco Trincão becomes the latest challenger in the #90secondschallenge! See how the Barça midfielder handled the pressure!


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  1. Por que nadie le puede ganar a Griezmann 🙁

  2. Reply

    Pobre Tribcai está deprimions seleve en la vos

  3. Reply

    He needs to train not interview

  4. Reply

    Messi cuando???

    • ¿?
    • February 2, 2021

    I really hope he’ll score soon, he’s already pretty good and a goal would give him the confidence he needs

  5. Reply

    let's go trincao new score

  6. Reply

    Whats her name

  7. Reply

    Qui es de Catalunya?

  8. Reply

    pueden hacer un (ASK) con Leo Messi? seria epico, millones de vistas y miles de likes

  9. Reply

    Trincao fue el mejor lastima que no dice las cosas como en España sino le hubiera ganado a Griezmann

  10. Ustedes ban a ganar la champions este y el sigiente año saludos a todos

  11. Reply

    Question:why are you utter shit

  12. Reply

    He needs constant play time. He shouldn't have gone to Barca. Barca is not a club in a position that would have the patience to let him develop. If he had joined to a smaller club, he would sure have constant game time to develop and adjust the environment.

  13. Reply

    Do 90 second challenge with messi

  14. Reply

    He could've said Ronaldo for one of the early questions. Shame that he can't though cause the club would advise against it and the fans would probably eat him alive.

  15. Reply

    Pleaase pedri and puig

  16. Reply

    I have a weird feeling now that trincao will score a goal in the ucl final for barca in the years to come, and then this clip will go viral…
    Not the biggest of fans of trincao, but go for it lad!

  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    Where is lionel messi?

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    Que buen español que tiene tricao

  21. Reply

    y cuando le hacen a Messi

  22. Reply

    Call Messi for this competition

  23. Reply

    He couldn't look at her xD

  24. Reply

    For Ronaldkoeman and all Barcelona players … to be able to quickly win and score lots of goals, must involve all players when attacking, and have to create a lot of opportunities in the opponent's penalty box, and try to maximize them for goals

  25. Reply

    Messi haría 45 en 90 segundos.

  26. Reply

    He didn't say Koeman was the best Coach he had
    Poor guy
    Treinta = Trincao

  27. Reply

    Messi donne tous contre le psg dribble kimpembe comme ramos

  28. Reply

    collado >> trincao.

  29. Reply

    4.3.3 or 4.4.2


  30. Reply

    I really thought Trincao is gonna make it to the top.

  31. Reply

    i want 90secondschallenge with messi again

  32. Reply

    I hate how they dont include setien…

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