Playin Soccer: ESPAI BARÇA | Where dreams are bigger

Awesome Tip: ESPAI BARÇA | Where dreams are bigger

During today’s General Assembly meeting, FC Barcelona members had the opportunity to see the latest developments in the Espai Barça, a project that will completely transform all FC Barcelona venues, including the iconic Camp Nou.

Espai Barça will be integrated harmoniously within Barcelona’s Les Corts neighborhood and will include the construction of the New Camp Nou, which will hold around 105,000 spectators, maintaining its reign as the largest stadium in Europe. A new Palau Blaugrana (arena) for 12,500 spectators will be built on the site of the current Mini Estadi.

The scope of the proposal also includes moving the Mini Estadi to the Estadi Johan Cruyff, near FC Barcelona’s Sports Center in Sant Joan Despí. The development of club activities where the current Palau Blaugrana is located, including offices, FCBotiga and dining options, will see the creation of open areas and public pathways that will better integrate club activities with the surrounding community as well as improve accessibility and parking.

The project, which is expected to be completed by the 2023-2024 season, will be an example of the best practices in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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  1. Reply

    Todos sabemos que nunca se hará ese estadio XD. Están en bancarrota JAJAJAJAJA

  2. Reply

    No tienen 5 millones para conprar un jugador ikuieren remodelar el estadio

  3. Reply

    Y ahora en 2021 se sabe que ese dinero se lo gastaron en el salario de los jugadores… Club pequeñito por siempre

  4. Reply

    Ya mero??

  5. Reply

    Gracias Bartomeu.

  6. Reply

    Where dreams are biggers….

    And bottles are the biggest

    No offense, I'm just kidding

  7. Reply

    para que mas ampliación? si el barcelona solo convoca gente por que messi juega ahi, el 60% de los hinchas deben ser turistas, messi se retira de ese club y el barca vuelve a su realidad.

  8. Reply

    this mans voice

  9. Reply

    When will it start

  10. Reply

    I cant wait to watch the el classico in this super stadion

  11. Reply

    2021 realising were are in the verge of bankruptcy

  12. Reply

    Donot change on Camp Now

  13. Reply

    Again where’s the parking lot

  14. Reply

    Mès que un Club ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Reply

    Come true

  16. Reply

    This can't happen with us when we going bankrupt

  17. Reply

    There is one and only Leonel Andreas MESSI ❤️❤️

  18. The best stadium

  19. Reply

    You must change name of champ nou to Lionel messi
    Or build a multi advance stadium on name Lionel messi

  20. Reply

    Well this never happened

  21. The new Real Madrid's home

  22. Reply

    wkwkwk kapan ni dimulai renovasi ? barka punya duit kah ? wkwkw tetangga sebelah uda mau rampung tuh new bernabeu .

  23. Reply

    Me encanta ❤️❤️

  24. Reply

    2021 and they haven’t began the construction so it’s a bit inaccurate.But I love Barca.

  25. Reply

    Pues con esta crisis no llegamos a nada

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    Liga Mistrzów tylko dla mistrzów!!! To, że grają w niej zespoły, które zajęły drugie, trzecie, czy czwarte miejsca jest patologią. Jeszcze dwadzieścia i lat będziecie oglądać tylko mecze Barcelona vs. Real 40 razy w roku. Idiotyzm.

  27. Reply

    Niru santiago bernabeu

  28. Reply

    2021 and nothing changed

  29. Reply

    Santiago bernabeu star poroses, cam now dream messi outttt 2019= 8 2 hahahahahahahahaha

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    Who all wanna visit camp nou now?

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