Playin Soccer: #ENJOYLENGLET | Lenglet is Barça's new signing

Awesome Tip: #ENJOYLENGLET | Lenglet is Barça's new signing

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  1. Reply

    no one's going to comment on this absolute cringe-show of a clip- using it as an excuse to suck messi's cock, completely off topic- mentioning the the new signing as some minor side note

  2. Reply

    30 seconds of Messi, OH BTW WE SIGNED LENGLET THE END.

  3. Reply

    I miss Barca ball

  4. Reply

    Holy shit this was the worst signing video ever. I feel bad for Clement

  5. Reply

    Querenos pogba

  6. Reply

    Get Griezmann

  7. Reply

    Welcome to Barca Lenglet!!❤

  8. Reply

    You fucking morons… You pronounced your new CB's name incorrectly… Sheds light on how poorly this club is run from top to bottom… Willing to pay above top market value for an almost over the hill Brazilian winger & a spoiled little brat millennial midfielder who is way over rated. Plus why buy him know when he's free next summer? I've been following this club since 1990 but I've never seen them run so badly as they are now. bart & his board out. pep segura out…

    • Dilza
    • February 24, 2021

    More cringe than Besiktas

  9. Reply

    Ivan rakitic the best player of fc barcalona

  10. Reply

    Barca's dream 4-3-3..which I hope..with new signings

    Cout. Dembele
    Lenglet Rakitic
    Alba Silva PiqueDigne

  11. Reply

    So cringe

  12. Reply

    Stop with these cringey stupid videos

  13. Reply

    We want #EnjoyHazard

    • DDS
    • February 24, 2021

    Take Thiago back!!!

  14. Reply

    What a creative way to welcome Evey new player. #viscabarca

  15. Reply

    Two players signed together Arthur and Lenglet.

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