Playin Soccer: EASY 1v1 Skills that Destroy Defenders

Awesome Tip: EASY 1v1 Skills that Destroy Defenders


Spanish Translation and Subtitling: Fernando – [email protected]

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Mini Scoop
1:07 Chop Cut
2:10 Reach Meg
3:10 Drag and Step Over
4:17 Fake Roll Back
5:16 Fake Cut Back
6:23 Double Cut


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  1. Reply

    I wish I was as good as you I'm pretty good but I'm not that good

  2. Reply

    Next video do on skills for a CAM PLEASE

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    I learn these skills every day but after I saw this vedio I figured out what mistakes I was doing in the pitch while doing these skills thanks all attack please subscribe to all attack also like and share

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    Eth noki padikunna malayali kallundo

  5. I am from indonesia thank you for tutorial

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    Playing at lw with right foot makes my right leg heavy…

  7. Reply

    Only person who takes football seriously

  8. Reply

    All Attaack, here is a little request.
    can you please make a tutorial on how to shoot penalties, with which part of the foot, and in what conditions and strategies to use.

  9. Great video. Can you post a video that how to juggle a ball like Neymar Jr??

  10. Reply

    This is crazy I started watching these guys when they had 100k subs and now I come back to see them have 1.6mil

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    bruhh u already told all of these in your previous video. Dont act sus and dont tryna gain subs

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    Editing is too much.,reduce ur editing

  13. Reply

    Please do more of these videos

  14. Reply

    Cr7 skills l like to lern

  15. Reply

    Muchas gracias

  16. Reply

    Never knew that he was a ronaldo fan too anyways nice guys

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    I wanna see him 1v1 the guy from unisport

  18. Reply

    Did the Wolves player really just miss the open net?

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    You’re a true legend bro big thanks

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    Hi I am soccer player yalls tricks help me a lot but I have friend that is defense and she needs help with that

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  25. Reply

    give skills about diffence

  26. Reply

    Great, upload more skills vídeos like this!

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    Super bro

  28. Reply

    I usually just kick the ball to one side of them and run like fuck after it imao

  29. Reply

    4:30 that's some concentrated face

  30. Reply

    Also i use the fake cut back all the time and its just sooo effective, especially combined with a good shoulder drop after the stop

  31. Reply

    We forget all skills in Real Match

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    Please make next vedio on how to do bycycle kick if you can't than tell us that you not able to make vedio on it

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    Please make next vedio on how to do bycycle kick if you can't than tell us that you not able to make vedio on it

  34. Reply

    I think you are the best teacher to guide us.

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    Sir , please give us a vedio on CR7 skill,
    Please sir

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    Did AllAttack close its merchandise store? Can't seem to find a link

  37. Reply

    This was a Ronaldo edition

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