Playin Soccer: [DOCUMENTARY] FC Barcelona 2017 US Tour

Awesome Tip: [DOCUMENTARY] FC Barcelona 2017 US Tour

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  1. i really really miss MSN

  2. At 3:56 I was almost going to throw away the phone

  3. forca barca

  4. Je me souviens bien le match à New York, c’était absolument incroyable

  5. How did they Manage to get the Club's bus across the sea???

  6. someone needs to put out the playlist for this video…and all the othet barca US tour videos ..!!

  7. ♥️

  8. USA the country when it cannot play the real football picks a game where u run around the field with an oval shaped toy in hand and at the end kick it and name it football and rename the real football to soccer.

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  10. Malditos q les cuesta ser amable con la afición

  11. فيسكا برسا ، فيسكا كتلونيا

  12. Now Neymar wants to come back…"what goes around, comes around".

  13. Let's go Guatemala!!

  14. Hojalata y algún día venga el barca a jugar al Gillette stadium en Massachusetts para poder ir a disfrutar el partido.

  15. Neymar left because of the problem with tax evasion this is big problem also ronaldo spain need money to boost economy

  16. Lionel messi fans like


  18. More than 80% of the people here are only barca fans because they win all the time and are the media's team. Not because they're from Barca. Lol no matter how bad my team and league might be, it will always be my team I will root on. I'm just here for Messi because he's just good. Not for Barca. Sorry not sorry.

  19. Dress una gran inspiracion para Messi, gracias por todo.

  20. Valverde out asap

    • Ali S
    • February 11, 2021

    If Messi retires, I would stop watching Football. He's the reason I love football, not only because he's the best player out there but also because he's very humble and is a genuine player. He doesn't dive, doesn't cheat like all the players.

  21. This is driving me crazy all week – what is the name of the song at 20:22 and continues at 21:19? Even by words i can't find it((( HELP!

  22. does anyone know the name of the song at 20:22?

  23. 12.29 where they hint Coutinho move loool crazy thou 2018

  24. 80% of fans there are not american

  25. 21:23

    that's the commitment! wrong jersey, but right commitment 😉

  26. They are coming to Dallas where I live this summer. I’m gonna go watch it. Thank you barcelona for making dreams come true.

  27. My boi likes game of thrones

  28. le collectif des catalan fait mal au autre

  29. potential ufo at 0:24 …. where's neil degrasse tysonn???

  30. Memories….

  31. pour Neymar he would have fun!

  32. nice

  33. messi for him
    is like playing outside in the backyard on the pre seasons

  34. Very American, a show at half-time! It's amazing.

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