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ID Camp Description

The Gardner-Webb Men’s Soccer ID Camp is open for all 9-12 grade male soccer players. The camp includes training sessions led by the Gardner-Webb Men’s Soccer coaching staff, a NCAA recruiting seminar, and finishes with 11v11 games on Gardner-Webb University’s athletic facilities.

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

8:30 – 9:00 AM: Check-in

9:00 AM: Camp Opening

9:30 AM: Positional Training and GK Session

10:45 AM: Campus Tour

11:45 – 1:00 PM: 11v11 Games

3:00 PM – Gardner-Webb vs Longwood

Who Do I Contact With Camp Questions?
Bradley Morrison

[email protected]

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Email: [email protected]

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  1. Hey everyone, don't forget to sign up for my upcoming camp in Chicago! Go to coachjavicamps.com to get registered!

  2. We remind players – they're student athletes, not athlete students…

  3. Coach, question for you. In-line with the ID Clinic and related recruiting/playing process – Do you have any players on the Men's side that are willing to share their recruiting videos? I think it would be great to see examples of successful recruiting videos so that aspiring players looking to get their names out there have something to model after.

  4. Hi, i'd love to go there but I live in the Netherlands and I don't know whether I got enough money to go, and the Dutch school system is very strict so I don't know if my school is going to allow me. But yes, I'm a talented 15 year old goalkeeper and I'd love to go to America, not only for the soccer but also the whole experience!

  5. Ah, men. Watching videos like these really make me wish I could study in America and be a football/soccer player there…

  6. Coach, I live in Ohio and I'm currently a junior who's looking to get scouted. I want to go to that Seminar and ID clinic, but since I'm only 16 I can't really go out. Is there any other events you'll be attending?

  7. En 5 años voy

  8. Where is it

  9. What if I'm in Jamaica but have a United States visa

  10. Are you flying us out or are we paying for our flight?

  11. I just had an ID camp at longwood with premier uk! I am def coming to this camp!

  12. Is there a age limit for ID camp

  13. Where is this school located? I have lots of offers to play but only problem is the transportation on how i can get there which may be far for me.

  14. At 0:55 both of them Bradley and the other dude forgot his name was my odp coach for 03 boys

  15. Gotta say, Gardner Webb has sick kits!

  16. Hey coach javi whats the average age in attending the Id camp, because I’m 17

  17. Hey coach javi, quick question. My brother is 12 years old playing competitive soccer and his team currently ranked 18 in State. (Colorado) What the best advise to help him get to the next level college level? What's the best college recruiting website? Thank you !

  18. I would love to go to see how you guys rate me, but there is 2 problems. I live in California and I'm only 15

  19. Do you guys do fly-outs?

  20. can students currently attending a different college go? (if we're not currently playing for college)

  21. coach Javi you been an inspiration, as a young coach i want to develop and watching your videos is a great help. Keep it up!!!!

  22. Have to be in high school to play for Gardner?

  23. Is it just me that thinks of Tai Lopez whenever Brad talks,??

  24. I would want to go but I live in NYC and I’m 15

  25. Javi,

    How good do you have to be to attend the camp? Do you have to be on an academy team or on ODP team or can you play for just a club team?


    • Luis
    • March 1, 2021

    Yes coach Javi we're your "friends" and what happen to Stina did she go out to find more friends?

  26. Coach javi I think you should come to London and come to one of our showcases in December and come recruit English talent

  27. Is your university usl or pdl?

  28. Mannnn, I’d really love to go but i live like 5 hrs and 40 mins away I’m in Alabama and I’m only a sophomore in Albertville High school , I started on the boys soccer them there we are a 6A school and we only got to the 3rd round for state 🙁 I would go to the camp butttt maybe some other time ..

  29. hey coach great video! i’m doing a training session with SDFC next week and i’m pretty nervous… i’ve been working on footwork and getting the strength back in my legs but any advice?

  30. Thoughts on the way Panama qualified into the world cup? USA?? How far does mexico make it ? Far from it who makes the top 4? Sorry lots of qs

  31. 10:28 number 25 looks like Edson puch from Chile a little

  32. Could current highschool players go?

  33. Hey coach, how much is it for commuters and can a 19 year old be eligible to attend ? i just graduated high school. Thanks you please reply.

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