Playin Soccer: Dizzy Penalty Challenge!

Awesome Tip: Dizzy Penalty Challenge!

Epic Dizzy Penalty Challenge! Thanks to our friends’ Martin, Edward, Jose, Manny, Alison, and Bro for taking the challenge!


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Music: Siren – Run Away [NCS Release]


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  1. Looks like everybody has drunk whine

  2. Nice

  3. 2019 anyone?

  4. i want a rabona penalty

  5. nice video.can u make a tutorial of rabona or knuckleball

  6. funny

  7. nice but can you do rabona

  8. lol

  9. awesome challenge guys!

  10. What camera do you use?

  11. Keep it up, mate!

  12. Did u notice 1:12 the ball change

  13. Anybody notice the ball at 2:11 is different then the ball at 2:15?

  14. Ricky?

  15. Oy thats 53rd

  16. could u plc do a tutorial on a knuckleball

  17. +AllAttack I'm starting a brand new soccer channel what do you recommend in order to be successful?

  18. I mean lol

  19. Jolly God bless

  20. Do how to kick with the outside of your foot

  21. Take a goal kick

  22. Awesome video.

  23. So cool

  24. Can you teach us how to spin in a circle plz

  25. Awesome video, with all those extra people maybe you can do a video about ingame tips. A rabona video would be awesome too. Keep it up!


    Have a punishment for the loser. 😀

  27. still no finishing video???
    dont u know when will u make it???

  28. Do a dribbling part 2 video PLEASE!!!!!

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  30. Lol 2:16 – jabulani

  31. Cool but can you do a tutorial of how to do a skill to always beat defenders?thanks

  32. Damn those Adidas boots at the end! <3

  33. Awesome Vid

  34. 3rd comment 20th like 13 view

  35. Smiles all around 🙂

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