Playin Soccer: Did I SCORE or MISS? Coach Javi Plays Indoor Football/Soccer!

Awesome Tip: Did I SCORE or MISS? Coach Javi Plays Indoor Football/Soccer!

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  1. Reply

    Who would watch the final if I livestreamed it on the channel?

  2. Reply

    Como se llama el equipo en el que juegas? Saludos desde chile, amo tus videos crack

  3. Reply

    This is just a suggestion; since the coaches convention is coming up soon, could you maybe do a little segment about it? You could maybe talk about how your first experience was as well as give out some tips, if any, for people that will be going for the first time.

  4. Reply

    es todo

  5. Reply

    Are you left-footed?

  6. Reply

    Hey Javi, if you make that live match happen, will & could you please tweet it ? My son & I are always looking forward to seeing live matches. Thanks…

  7. Reply

    Set up a scrimmage w ur team against Detroit stars. Played them subbing in a semi pro men’s league. Great group of guys, I’d love to see a video of you guys playing them.

  8. Reply

    D did miss a back heel, and you scored like 5 goals. I’d say heron the fence…possibly look for a trade deal. But, I’d hate for you to get a back heel scored on you…decisions.

  9. Reply

    Can u make a vid on diffenders

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    I would play. I live 30min from Detroit

  12. Reply

    Good job coach javi

  13. Reply

    Nice Video Man!

  14. Reply

    Interesting. How late would the games be?

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    Hi 1st

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