Playin Soccer: Deulofeu's top skills at FC Barcelona

Awesome Tip: Deulofeu's top skills at FC Barcelona

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  1. Reply

    1:53 RIQUI PUIG??!!

  2. Reply

    Is that Alena with him at 1:17

  3. Reply

    Bitter truth is Barca selling their best la masia players

  4. Reply

    He was born 1994 just like me. In 2003 when he went to barca academy and i was playing fifa 2003 on my play station. Good time in italy 1999 2009.

  5. Reply

    You can clearly see that this guy has the potential to become not like Messi but something like that, the problem is that he never had the chance to play good like in AC Milan.

    • T H
    • February 5, 2021

    Brilliant but only one match in three. If he could cure the ON/OFF situation he'd be one of the best.

  6. Reply

    Deulofeu: Barca's Morata

  7. Reply

    Grimaldo, should come back to barca to replace Jordi Alba in the near future

  8. Reply

    Pobre chaval le habéis arruinao la carrera

  9. Reply

    Welcome to Barcelona Watford


  11. Reply

    Ass keepers… good player tho

  12. Welcome back to italy deulofeu

  13. Reply

    Deulofeu es un gran jugador pero esta echo para la Premier Ligue

  14. Reply

    No entiendo porque dejais ir a un buen jugador joder barça porfavor

  15. Reply

    C fue

  16. Reply

    wow he truly is a beast

  17. Reply

    Ahora se fue para el watford

  18. Reply

    2:47 😮

  19. Reply

    Y se volvió a ir xD

  20. Reply

    que paso :,(

  21. Reply


  22. Reply

    His gone right ?

  23. Reply

    Bye bye again

  24. Reply

    Duró mucho

  25. Reply

    Y ya se volvió a ir! :v

  26. Reply

    Ya se fue

  27. Reply

    Al carrer y al carrer

  28. Reply

    Ya se fue :'v

  29. Reply

    6 months later and he is now on loan at Watford

  30. Reply

    Lastima que se olvido como jugar. 🙁

  31. Reply

    in fifa 18 he should be 91 rated u see the skill pace shooting

  32. Reply

    I am so sad that he left Barca!I always him!More than Alcacer

  33. Reply

    lol now he is in the hornets

  34. Reply

    Deulofeu is good

  35. Reply

    Una pena que Valverde prefiera a Aleix Vidal que a Deulofeu

  36. Reply

    Next messi loading 40%

  37. Reply

    A young Deulofeu looks like one of those kids that talk shit on XBOX Live

  38. Reply

    Wtf went wrong with him?

    • Dece
    • February 5, 2021

    Para cederlo al Watford, bah

  39. Reply

    he is a great talent

  40. Reply

    I see u grimaldo and luis alberto

  41. Reply

    He was good. But now he is shit.

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