Playin Soccer: Detroit City FC – Behind The Scenes Preparation For Away Games!

Awesome Tip: Detroit City FC – Behind The Scenes Preparation For Away Games!

Detroit City FC match day footage by Nick Miko

Check out some behind the scenes action of our brand new turf pitch and also what the kit man does in order to get everything prepped for matches!

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  1. We got our first preseason game coming up! Who wants a video on what an away game looks like?

    • GG T
    • March 1, 2021
  2. When there’s tryouts

  3. i wonder what country do you come from

  4. Nice vid. Are you a pro club ore?

  5. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I have started vlogging about football

  6. Turf is trash , natural grass is 100% better for player and body , more possibility of injury when playin on turf

  7. I live 1 hour and a half from there

  8. As always great vid Javi!

  9. Dope!

  10. Cool vid! Neat to see the behind the scenes. Love it! Great job, Moy! Pitch looks gorgeous!

  11. Synthetic field or natural?

  12. Great video. Cant wait for the season to start

  13. Moises is a legend! I see #99 on there… I am excited to see more behind the scenes stuff!

  14. Usl championship, Usl league 1, Usl league 2, and the NPSL need to develop promotion relegation ☝️

  15. Loved the vid

  16. 1

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