Playin Soccer: Dembélé enjoys recovery session after big night against Villarreal

Awesome Tip: Dembélé enjoys recovery session after big night against Villarreal

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  1. y q dembele y coutihno siempre juegen son unos crak tremendos refuersos

  2. el barsa tiene q atacar con un 4-3-3 y q abajen todos a defender en un 4-4-2 para defenderce mucho mejor y q no qde en equipo partido

  3. a el barsa pierde cuando no esta messi porq le falta tocar mas el balon como lo hacen cuando esta messi

  4. dembele eres un crak te falta encarar mas en la ultima linea y no pasar tanto el balon encarar mas hacer tu juego buscar mas individual y ayudar un poko mas en defensa bajar aunquesea hasta medio campo presionar cuando pierdas el balon o unos de tus jugadores se te quiere eres un crak eres un futuro para en barsa

  5. All eyes on Dembele 😀

  6. if only he had the likes of xavi and iniesta (longer) to teach him football. but he has messi. he better watch carefuly and learn

  7. 0:52 aint nobody talkin about it… #Denis

  8. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. Fc Barcelona porfavor hay un jugador Colombiano que apellido Carrascal es muy bueno y lo mejor que es Joven y para mí es mejor que Vinicius Júnior. Porfavor fichenlo a esa joya

  10. Nice to see Dembele happy this is what Barcelona is about! 😀

  11. And don't let him sit at the bench in next season ffs

  12. Please don't sell him he's an asset of our club

  13. Run Dembele! Run!

  14. Allez allez! Ousmane Dembeleeee!

  15. Dembele > Valverde

  16. Dembele is a great player with a lot of potential should not let go. Valverde is an idiot for not starting him more. #ValverdeOut

  17. I like the Dembélé & Semedo combo we should see more of it

  18. Alexis Vidal nutmeg Denis Suarez and Denis Suarez nutmeg Suarez

  19. بالتوفيق انشاء الله برشلونة فوز

  20. Yerry mina jajajajaja que pie salsero jajajaja

  21. فيسكا برسا 5


  23. Dembouz the best

  24. Dembele slapped valverde's ass in the last game RIP DEMBOUZ!!! DEMBOUZZ!!

  25. Fuk you REM

  26. Is alba injured???

  27. MES.Q.U.E.U.N.C.L.U.B.

  28. Dembele is not looking happy he is not happy with Ernesto valvarde . he also not celebrated that goals. He need more minutes on pitch more than on bench . Messi should rest for all next games . He should think about world cup . More than la liga .

  29. visca barca

  30. 0:10 look dembele and coutinho together, fuck all those rumours that dembele hated coutinho

  31. Mes que un club

  32. We should buy Koke instead of Griezman

  33. Did anyone see messi in this training session?

  34. He looks so happy. Omg…

  35. دبسdps

  36. Once we find a replacement for Iniesta then Barça will be stronger than ever! Don’t need that Griezemann guy

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