Playin Soccer: De Jong surprises a group of Barça Academy kids

Awesome Tip: De Jong surprises a group of Barça Academy kids

Barça’s new Dutch midfielder called on a group of youngsters at the Barça Academy Camp at La Masia on the day of his official presentation.
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  1. Reply

    What a great guy and great player.

  2. Reply

    His gonns be a superstar for barca

  3. Reply

    he didn’t even debut but the fans already love him so much cause he has such passion and candidness for football and barcelona

  4. Reply

    congratulazion legend frenk

  5. Reply

    This smiling kid is a Godsend for Barca's PR. The veteran players look like they've been to hell and back with all the demands to win win win. Let's enjoy this season and some beautiful football.

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    Where is Shane ?

  7. شكد حلو وكيوت و متواضع

  8. Reply

    What is the name of the song?

  9. Reply

    De Jong and Arthur the next xavi and iniesta

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    De jong,gran fichaje,va a dar 1 gran rendimiento estoy seguro,jugador 100%barsa.tiene que ser titular si o si.

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    لبرسا لبرسا

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  13. Reply


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    Neymar not worthy to come back barcelona

  15. Reply

    lucky Barca

  16. Reply

    Will u come to India

  17. Reply

    Xavi simons is Holland's

  18. Reply

    Where's xavi semons

  19. Reply

    Next inistia

  20. Reply

    Nice good

  21. Reply

    Para cuando el primer Partido del Barcelona

  22. Reply

    Wasnt Takefusha Kubo a former Barca academy player?

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