Playin Soccer: DE JONG comments TRAINING SESSION

Awesome Tip: DE JONG comments TRAINING SESSION

On Friday the FC Barcelona first team returned to action after a rest day on Thursday. As set set in the La Liga protocols, the squad trained in two groups of 10 starting at around 9.30am CEST at the Ciutat Esportiva.


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  1. Reply

    very nice

  2. Reply

    Haven't seen Messi train this hard is years! He looks so eager to play.

  3. Reply

    my player favorite
    de jong

  4. Молодому составу Барселоны
    Желаю успешно закончить вторую
    Половину чемпионата!!!
    Завоевания вам золотых трофеев!!!
    Будьте здорлвы!!!

  5. Reply

    Can't wait to see De Jong and Barce team

  6. Reply

    I dont understand what drills they are doing at the end of video

  7. Reply

    Suarez=comment Alba=like

  8. Reply

    De jong, the future star’s barca❤️

  9. Reply

    barça is the best❤️❤️❤️

  10. Reply

    How are you mc and quique

  11. Reply


  12. Reply

    Bartomeu OUT!!!

  13. Reply

    ARTHUR MELO plays like Xavi

  14. Reply

    Good luck to the team

  15. Reply

    Visca barça

  16. Reply

    I love this club. And De Jong is a future Legend. That's what i think.

  17. Reply


  18. Reply

    Yêu cac chú nhiều lắm

  19. Reply

    stop playing him almost like a cam, keep him deep like he was in ajax and the team will benefit the most out of his ability❗️

  20. Reply

    Not 22th, it should be 22nd

  21. Frenkie de Jong training every day

  22. I Love Frenkie de Jong

  23. Frenkie de Jong smile the hold day

  24. Reply

    D jong can you speak english very will ? Good right

  25. Reply

    Messi fans hit like

  26. Reply

    I hope de ligt will join him at barca

  27. Reply


  28. Reply

    4:15 amazing run by leo and that slide was smooth

  29. Reply

    Is dembele back in training or still recovering?

  30. Reply

    Frenkie It will be a pillar for titles and next year it will be the star of central Barcelona

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