Playin Soccer: DANI ALVES freestyles at Camp Nou during his PRESENTATION! 🤪💙❤️

Awesome Tip: DANI ALVES freestyles at Camp Nou during his PRESENTATION! 🤪💙❤️

Alves has been presented at the Camp Nou for the second time in front if 10,378 fans who have received him as he is, with a smile from ear to ear.


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  1. Grande Dani Alves!!!

  2. Ojalá pronto pueda jugar por qué mi gueza hace agua

  3. I love how Joan Laporta understands club. Legend Leo Messi has gone, Laporta brings back 2 other legends Xavi and Dani. It helps them more confident and push them hard.

  4. Me acuerdo la presentacion de dembele jajaja

  5. We can see from his face, he loved the club so much I bet he would love to play for barca even if they didn't pay him. I'm Not a barca fans but I hope Alves' returns can give new hope for the club

  6. primeiro jogador sem um numero fixo de camisa. uma hora é 20,2,outra hora é 22,32,13,23,10 e agora 8 kkk

  7. Next Messi.

  8. We miss Samuel etoo

  9. São Paulo ❤

  10. Welcome home Dani Alves the warrior. We missed you, you are still ten times better than those playing your wing since you left. You are completely irreplaceable

  11. Barca barca barca vesca barca

  12. Vamos mi querida Barcelona el club mas grande

  13. Now let's seek for Iniesta and Messi…

  14. Dani Alves striker Barcelona ✅

  15. Machen die jetzt auch den Schalke Trick?

  16. He took off his slippers makes he has come home. And, yes Barca is home. Welcome back legend!!!

  17. Cant even win against real sociedad. Bringing old man doesn't fix anything.

  18. El Barça es el mejor club del mundo

  19. Van a jugar los dinosaurios

  20. Wow! You make the game look beautiful all the time.

  21. Messssiiiiii

  22. Esse cara é patético!

  23. Rodinei joga muito mais!

  24. Hay que fichar a Julián Álvarez ya de ya

  25. A real legend came back. We shouldn't let him go in 16. But now we can be happy to getting back one of our the biggest legends ever! 🙂

  26. He is so old that he just got tired of breathing

  27. São Paulo pagará su salario kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


  28. Viet Nam❤️❤️

  29. In italiano se dice “ PARACULO”

  30. forcca barca

  31. Man this sucks I can’t have an updated pes game to play with the new team rosters and kits really really sucks F U Konami/pes2022

  32. Maybe they could find my idol Ghost Pessi , he's still invisible in the farmers league

  33. I had stopped watching Barcelona matches after Messi left. I will start watching again as xavi and dani alves' joining has made it interesting.

  34. Best right back of my generation. He was practically a right winger.

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