Playin Soccer: D1 College Soccer Game From A Referee’s Perspective

Awesome Tip: D1 College Soccer Game From A Referee’s Perspective

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  1. Alright, so I’m not really a referee but I got asked to ref a spring game. How do you think I did?

  2. That was a foul I think

  3. Was this 0-0?

  4. For the most of the game the ref was a mile behind play

  5. Hi

  6. Refs only get respect if they are constant trouble is a lot of refs are not take that from some one in The uk
    I think this ref wouldn't last five minutes in the English Premiership

  7. Not too bad of a job from a non-ref. If you were to do this again, the number 1 thing I would suggest doing is getting closer to the play and run a bit more. Apart from that, you did well

  8. Lazy bro. I hate refs that walk everywhere and call fouls from a mile away

  9. The coolest ref though

  10. 5:35 this is a D1 college match?

  11. why 1.5 dislikes

  12. You did alright with a friendly crowd. Most of the comments about distance, whistle use, man management remain on point. You should take the referee course and have an assessor provide a debrief after a difficult game. What's a difficult game: two teams determined to make your job difficult through gamesmanship, dissent, and disrespect for the laws of the game.

  13. Thought I’d leave a comment so you won’t be at “666” comments anymore 🙂

    • A C
    • January 31, 2021

    Do you know the coronavirus

  14. R u sure. Dis div 1

  15. Once I was running and I got a red card and I don't touch any one

  16. A cake is spicy

  17. It’s called football not soccer

  18. Sir you were amazing

  19. Hello

  20. Hi

  21. Jajajaja yu name

  22. Um 3:19

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