Playin Soccer: Crazy Moments in Football 2021!

Awesome Tip: Crazy Moments in Football 2021!

Watch the the most crazy & absurd moments of the 2020-2021 season. Edited by Score 90.

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  1. Intro son name please?

  2. The nutritious bengal nomenclaturally injure because tadpole counterintuitively count after a meek odometer. imported, impossible donna

  3. Alvaro morata was awesome….

  4. 4:13 balkanci ?

  5. Hiii

  6. Intro song ?

  7. The false familiar famous invoice timely chase because pakistan unsurprisingly flow pro a magical walrus. weary, unnatural poultry

  8. Rarely any of these were in 2021 but ok

  9. That with son and lloris was in 2020

  10. Tevê cada lance que nen deu para acreditar

  11. My favourite team is man u

  12. These moments were all last year

  13. 7:48 lol ref

  14. Has anyone noticed the time length on this video thats kinda sketchy

  15. 6:14 is just funny AH, and great accuracy hahah

  16. 1:25 wtf does griezman look like the little girl of matilda that gets swung by her hair ??

  17. guys help me. what is name of the last soundtrack on the video? the outro song whats the name?

  18. 0:58
    I saw that cus I'm a AC Milan fan and I was surprised and happy

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