The biggest match up in the world of sports returns this Saturday. Barça players train ahead of Real Madrid – Barça, el Clásico, counting down the days to the match.

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  2. We need to beat Real saturday for will won the leaga

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    Best club in the world barcelona

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    You will lose as always losersss

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    I hope de jong will play in the midfield position

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    Barcelona if you see this I’m a fan since 1990s VISCA BARCA

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    Vamos les garcons allez entrez dans ces ballons je vous fais confiance pour demain j’espère que Mingueza sera titu

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    Vamos les garcons allez entrez dans ces ballons je vous fais confiance pour demain j’espère que Mingueza sera titu

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    Go Barcelona im still your best fans forever, cause you are my everything, and cause of you i learn spanish language,

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    4:6 riqui puig

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    All the best barca

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    Svp mon Barça profitons de leur fatigue pour mettre même 9 buts

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    바르셀로나 응원합니다 무조건

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    Forca!! Barca!!!

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    preparation for victory

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    please koeman add ruiq puig some more minutes the boy will prove to you how worth he is

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    When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

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    Barca 3-0 real

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    Who else can't wait for el classicooo

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    ‿ ノBARÇA

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    Dembeles main Problem is in Dortmond he runs fast and the whole team run with him, in Barce , when he runs the whole team just look at him, even Messi looks at him like a fan, and then they run after him, so at many times he found himself alone with five or seven opponents, and he had to play back. also he found the whole team search about Messi to pass the ball to him, so he is also doing like them. he plays in Barca with 40% of his efforts. he will be a star if he plays for at team playing fast like Liverpool, Man U, Man City, Chelsea or Bayern. Barca needs him to play in the middel more as infront , so he can bring high tempo for the team.

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    I write my tactical comments via direct message on Barca's T*itter page

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    Thank you for showin me

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    This game is gonna be very important for self confidence to our young players , winning la liga will have a huge impact on them next season … Visca El Barca

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    En HUESCA la gente es muy mala,falsa y envidiosa, delante son amables y por detras te joden. Si yo estoy mal tu tienes que estar peor, pero a la cara soy tu amigo.Encima de unos a otros se tapan todo.-<<.

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