Playin Soccer: Coach Javi Scores A Cheeky Chip In Sunday League And Arsenal Win The FA Cup!

Awesome Tip: Coach Javi Scores A Cheeky Chip In Sunday League And Arsenal Win The FA Cup!

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  1. Reply

    Eres buen jugador porque te retirastes de jugar en nivel profesional Javi?

  2. Reply

    I’ll never pray for the Gooners! #COYS

    But in all seriousness, you are my new inspiration as a coach. I decided a year ago coaching is what I want to do, I want to not only improve players in their own soccer knowledge, but also make them better people and leaders! Keep doing whatcha doing Coach!

  3. Reply

    1:351:45 LOL

  4. Reply

    unbelievable tekkers

  5. Reply

    what does your tattoo mean

  6. Reply

    Come to Atlanta

  7. Reply

    Good Chip Mate!

  8. Reply

    nice goal

  9. Reply

    Coach, what do you think is the best age to get scouted, and when do you think it could be too late to get scouted

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    dude isn't that coach Ed? he coached a couple of my U18 practice sessions when I played for Raptors last year! didn't expect so see him haha.

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