Playin Soccer: Coach Javi Playing Sunday League! Coming Out of Retirement?

Awesome Tip: Coach Javi Playing Sunday League! Coming Out of Retirement?

Played a little Sunday league this past weekend. Any new topics you guys want me to cover for the next vlog??

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  1. Reply

    everything was good bro!

  2. Reply

    I noticed you are in Chicago? What is the name of the league you play in? That looks like a lot of fun

  3. Reply

    not sure why this is the ~10th video of this guy I've seen, but watching him play fat middle aged men clearly not at his level does not make him top class. next.

  4. Reply

    Subtitulos en español plis

    • Sg C
    • February 2, 2021

    It’s called bean league bro

  5. Reply

    What cleats are those black ones??

  6. Reply

    Omfg I live there!!!! You live in Chicago??????

  7. Reply

    i’d give that dive at 3:30 a solid 6.8/10. Not enough for the podium though, keep at it Javi, you’ll get it eventually.

  8. Reply

    Make a goalkeeper related video

  9. Reply

    Classic Latino way wear a popular clubs kit when it's a Sunday league

  10. Reply

    Aye bro i have a couple questions

  11. Reply

    U live in which part of the city

  12. Reply

    Nice skills and passes m8

  13. Reply

    Hey coach javi
    I'm from Waukegan il and I saw you played in the sports complex. I am a subcriber and let me know if you wanna scrimmage one day

  14. Reply

    he’s literally carlos gonzalez

  15. Reply

    was the second game in villita park by the cook county jail?

  16. Reply

    how old is javi?

  17. Reply

    Is this really Juventus

  18. Reply

    Jaja puro gordito caguamero, pero juegas bien

  19. Reply

    Did you ever play at Humboldt park ?

  20. Reply

    It's like playing a bunch of 6 year olds hahaha

  21. Reply

    Hey bro u actually do have some skills for sure specially since u haven't played in a year. I'm actually intrested in playing with u guys let me know if u have space for me

  22. Reply

    These matches are easy. What league is this? I'm tryna score 100 goals

  23. Reply


  24. Reply

    come back to iowa and coach us again

  25. Reply

    Great to teamate to play with.
    Deportivo Juventus
    Keep it up javi

  26. Reply

    Bro I live in Chicago too

  27. Reply

    Should've never retired lol

  28. Reply

    You play super bad why do you think your a good soccer player you will never be anything ,You aren't even known in the soccer community jaja

  29. Reply

    Clif bars are the tastiest but the most unhealthy protein bars you can get.
    Get some Questbars!

  30. Reply

    What kind of soccer cleats are those ?

  31. Reply

    Where do you live?

  32. Reply

    Coach rocking the pantofola d oro

  33. Reply

    The best Sunday league player ever no doubt dog.

  34. Reply

    where do u play at . iplay over here in cali

  35. Reply

    Your teammates want to play too

  36. Reply

    Why are people criticizing the level at witch coach Javi's playing against , everyone knows it's always been easier to talk then to do.

  37. Reply

    You need some competition all those players suck to see if your worth it lol

  38. Reply

    Thats by lil village right ?

  39. Reply

    Liga de veteranos

  40. Reply

    1 minute in I already liked and subscribed

  41. Reply

    How do I get one of those shirts?

  42. Reply

    This guy is my idol

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