Playin Soccer: Coach Javi – Off The Field – MY FIRST VLOG!

Awesome Tip: Coach Javi – Off The Field – MY FIRST VLOG!

MUSIC: MYRNE – Afterdark Feat. Aviella
I do not own the copyright to the song in the video. Follow MYRNE for great music!


My first vlog! I hope you guys like it! I know it’s different but I wanted to try something new! Let me know what you think.

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  1. What happened to your "life of a division 1 soccer player" videos coach Javi?

  2. The vlog that started it all!!!!

  3. Such an amazing trainer.

  4. I saw Javi out for a walk on my way to work today mates! Be jealous. #Chicago

  5. Those guevos a la Mexicana looked bomb!!! Great video by the way keep the amazing content coming my 7yr old loves watching and learning from coaches like yourself thanks again!!!

  6. Are you a head coach or assistant at the university? Where in Illinois do you live? I am in Arlington Heights and would ilke to network with you if possible.

  7. I always look forward to your videos my man! I hate the kit your wearing lol! Come down to Nashville and see the city match with me and my mates! what's the name of that song too btw?

  8. Such a good coach! Would love for you to come to England

  9. come to Greece man for an amazing summer !

  10. Javi your vlogs are so good dude!! 🙂

  11. I honestly want you to train me

  12. Yes loved this! Pls do this more Javi!

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