Playin Soccer: Coach Javi Is Back!

Awesome Tip: Coach Javi Is Back!

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    • Alphi
    • February 18, 2021

    Coach Javi, I am 4’9 and I am in the U14 PENN Alliance select team and we are playing in the second highest division that you can be in for U14. Can you give me any advice for what to do since I am so small, and also how to get more physical and just flat out get better. (P.S. I play center mid, I am with all the tall kids)

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    I watched coach Javi’s video because as a huge amateur soccer fan and player , I never got a chance to go through a proper club training and I would love to learn from your video! BTW, I’m in my 30s.

  2. Reply

    I started watching your videos because I enjoy the majority of things of them.

    • Zalo
    • February 18, 2021

    Guess who’s back

  3. Reply

    DO THE CAMP IN LA !!!! I promise you I will get people there from Diego Rivera Leraning Complex 2016 League Champs

  4. Reply

    I started watching your channel because I needed help improving my touch and passing as a center mid. I believe that your videos were really helpful towards my improvement.

  5. Reply

    I subscribe to you because i like what u r doing and thx to you I’ve developed to a better player.

  6. Reply

    I subbed to coach javi because, I want to get better at soccer and coach javi has helped with that

  7. Reply

    Coach Jack my name, Mychael Perez a former goalkeeper for Samba FC SA for 2018. What is your opinion on UPSL system? Let me in your comment section, please.

  8. Reply

    I started watching Coach Javi videos because I wanted to see what life was like playing college soccer!

  9. Reply

    Get it Bro! success in future ventures

  10. Reply

    I started to watch your videos as a way to develop my skills in soccer and further continue my knowledge of the game. As well as look for advice in recruitment which helped as I am now playing college ball

  11. Reply

    Hello From Wisconsin!
    Welcome back!
    Starting coaching U12 after 8 years Need your help & advice!…Congratulations on your achievement! And Hermosa novia! Please come to Manitowoc, WI aqui tienes tu Casa!…our club Goalgetters.org need help⚽️ !….buenas noches y felicidades! Roger Vaca

    • Aqean
    • February 18, 2021

    I started watching your videos to improve how I play football

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    I started watching Coach javi because i love the sport…soccer (futbol) because no matter what race you are or who you are soccer brings people together happily in a positive way.

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    The reason why I started watching Coach Javi is because I want to be a football coach and learn more about the game when I graduate highschool (shout out to Coach Brad too) #tacticscorner

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    Hi coach vea mi perfil de youtube tengo un video de como juego me interesaria jugar para ud soy de ecuador es un sueño para vi vealo le interesara

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    Ayyyyyyy coach javi finally

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    I starter watching your videos because I want to get better every day.

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    I subbed to Coach Javi because I wanted more advice on soccer training

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    I watch your videos because you inspired me to keep up the good work when I was in high school even tho I had overweight on me I put my best effort into playing even when it was street soccer but You really are a role model to me and to lots of people I have a 13 year old brother that likes to play soccer and with your videos I hope to train him to the best of his ability and help him be the next Javi! Thank your for all you do and I’m happy to see you doing good much love and support.

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    I started watching because I am starting my career in coaching and wanted your opinions and point of view

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    The word you're looking for is "drunk." As in things being done, beer being drunk.

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    Great to have you back Coach. Started watching your videos to help my son improve on his technique and skills.

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    Long time sub still here but I started watching your videos because I relate to the content 100% and can see a future off the field after soccer on the field!

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    I started watching Coach Javi because you provide a lot of workouts/ exercises for us to become better at soccer and you’re entertaining .

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    I started watching your videos because of the training sessions you post

  25. Reply

    I started watching your videos for el chanfle…jk I really liked the training exercises and train yourself series you had…

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