Playin Soccer: Coach Javi Camp – Atlanta

Awesome Tip: Coach Javi Camp – Atlanta

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated. We had 60 plus players at the event and it was amazing. Atlanta, we will be back next year!

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    Thank you for your videos. I will be making a kick back this weekend for my sons. Your videos are excellent. Well done! I will be sharing with others. NJ!!!

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    Bro your at Atlanta silverbacks stadium. Which is the place were I play at every Saturday

  4. Reply

    Can u come to England

  5. Reply

    Please y'all should come to Louisiana so many ppl would do the camp

  6. Reply

    come to H town

  7. Reply

    San Francisco California

  8. Reply

    Hey bro! You need to come to SAN FRANCISCO California! By the way that was another amazing camp that you put on! Great job bro! You are an amazing Coach and leader! Come to San Francisco!!!

  9. Reply

    Dallas Texas

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    Yo Coach Javi, you're killing me out here haha. When are you going to release the individual drills pdf I legit can't wait for it to come out so my sessions can be more effective with proper working time and rest. For the last few weeks I've just been doing the sessions you've been doing with Isak with my brothers and just guessing how long to do each exercise. Really excited for the pdf! 🙂

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    Virginia DC North Carolina area

  12. Reply

    Come to Cali!

  13. Reply

    Ayeeee He came my city

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    Plz make one in Miami I’ll love to go and I’m sure u will see lots of good players down in south Florida

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    I love would it if u would came to Birmingham Alabama!

    • VG 2S
    • February 22, 2021

    Wow!!!! I actually missed this and you were at the silverbacks stadium omg

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    Come to Seattle, Javi

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    • Srcxz
    • February 22, 2021

    Colorado thorthon

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    Me and my daughter love your videos. When would you come to Los Angeles California. Can you shout out my daughter Victoria maybe on a video. Me and her always practice your drills.

  19. Okc, oklahoma

  20. Reply

    looks good, congrats bro. cheers

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    Come to NY. Would be cool if Pier 5 is where the camp took place

  22. Reply

    Come to Phoenix ,Arizona plz .

  23. Reply

    Columbus Ohio

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    El paso, TX

  26. Reply

    Gotta come to Houston man

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