Playin Soccer: 🇨🇳🎥 CHINESE NEW YEAR PLAYER CHALLENGE! | Behind the scenes!! 🔥

Awesome Tip: 🇨🇳🎥 CHINESE NEW YEAR PLAYER CHALLENGE! | Behind the scenes!! 🔥

Go behind the scenes as Barça’s players filmed their special message for the Chinese Barça fans as the country celebrates the new year! SUBSCRIBE NOW: …


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    The superficial alibi unsurprisingly overflow because panda worrisomely release next a endurable iraq. teeny, decisive dance

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    El año chino les trajo 1-4 en casa no estuvo muy bien jaja

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    Aupa Athletic!

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    Dear Barca,
    It was heart breaking and is totally sad to see Barca suffer like this in Champions League. Remember who we are, we are Barca. The club every one feared facing and how could we not win Champions League in the recent years?

    It was so heart breaking seeing some of the things:
    1. Dembele not taking proper shoots
    Dear Dembele, ,we have hopes from you. Please

    2. Defense
    Dear defense, I know you all can improve. Please

    It is so heartbreaking, and so hard to still make make our hearts believe that Barca will come back stronger.

    Dear Koeman,
    You have been a fantastic coach for us. We won so many away matches this season and year but what happens in home matches? We trust in you. Please give La Masia boys and younger players more minutes.

    And before the next leg, make the entire squad watch both the legs of CL against PSG of 2017 and tell them how they need to improve.

    Dear Barca,
    Please don't let us down again.

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    • Red
    • February 20, 2021

    Happy french year

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    Ter Stegen habla Español mejor que yo, es muy neutro su acento, mis dieses

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    Y messi para que diga : feliz año chino

    Faltó esa frase

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    مين في عربي ول بس انا

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    LOL Ney and messi would do that in ease….

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    Happy Chinese new year from Australia

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    u can wish them all Happy New year to''' Tibet,,Taiwan n China'''''

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    xd xd xd xd

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    It's coronas new year

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    now barça team sick covid-19 by china box

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    I need: Felih año nuevo chino

  20. Думаю точно Месси будет
    Принимать участие в осуществление
    Китае………..проекта самого крупного
    Деснейла на территории Китая………

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    "Please adhere to government regulations"… lol!

  22. Это что!!! Китайцы новые
    Спонсоры или …………Барселоны…
    Они……..вместо мяча играют
    В китайскую игру ляггя!!!

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    ale że bez maseczki no ale w sumie to chiny gdzie to opanowali (wiem że tego nikt nie zrozumie)

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    let's go barça

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    FCB can you please put the link of your match with PSG

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    La tuya por si acaso 2:42

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    Es cosa mia o ter estegen ya tiene acento español parece que ha nacido en españa en vez de alemania

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    Hey, why didn’t Pedri have a number on his back?

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    лангы го хаха

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    Y messi diciendo feliz año nuevo chino?

    • Dan
    • February 20, 2021

    Feli año nuevo chino

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    They are so bankrupt they have to speak Chinese for money

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