Playin Soccer: Chicago And Los Angeles – The Next Coach Javi Camps!

Awesome Tip: Chicago And Los Angeles – The Next Coach Javi Camps!

Go ahead and grab one of my new training tops over at

Also, register for my upcoming Chicago camp! Spots will be filling up fast so make sure to reserve yours now!

Help out the channel and get some cool Uber Soccer training equipment!

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  1. Reply

    Hey guys, go and get signed up for Chicago! Also, get yourself a training top before they sell out! Youth sizes coming soon!

  2. Reply

    Lucca loved the 1st one and is now signed up for her 2nd. She just needs a youth XL shirt when they get in stock.

  3. Reply

    In LA , you can book in Santa Monica it’s called Airport Park , really nice turf field next to Adidas

  4. Reply

    For LA look into Ontario Soccer Park. Its about a 1hr drive max from LA but you wont find any good fields besides college fields in and around the city of LA.

  5. Reply

    Waiting for the L.A. date. Can't wait to sign up my son. Keep doing your thing coach Javi!

  6. Reply

    Head up North of LA to get good fields ! Message me Coach I can give you a couple of locations!

    • Lizzz
    • February 27, 2021

    Hey Javi! It’s your cousin (Liz) from Chicago. We’re all so proud of your career!!!

  7. Reply

    You should check me out when season starts, ELAC from Los Angeles

  8. Reply

    Miami Next

    • Endo
    • February 27, 2021

    Come down to south Florida!!!!

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    Are the camps a step to signing young and old players to form a pro soccer team?

  10. Reply

    I got you coach Javi working on fields now for your LA camp!!

  11. Reply

    Is the logo one big sticker? Lol

  12. Reply

    Wera are you from coach javi

  13. Reply

    Coach!!! I have a question did you ever play Clasa in Chicago when you were here? And if you did for what team?

  14. Reply

    For what it’s worth why don’t u try the college fields in LA? UCLA/ CSUN/ USC?

  15. Reply

    Coach Javi come out to Silverlakes in Eastvale. This is where they host National Cup and State Cup. Let’s do it!!

  16. Reply

    Finally LA!!!

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    Javi !

    For LA, look into Westwood Park, it's near UCLA, it's a dope field and you can reserve

    also Playa Vista, there are a bunch of fields there.

    There aren't really any other nice fields as you move towards mid and downtown LA. Trust I''ve been playing all over LA for the last 15 years.

    Anyways keep up the good stuff. Hope this helps.

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    Try silver lakes. It’s a brand new complex in the city of eastvale

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    Question if you get scouted to college can you get scouted again from a bigger team

  21. Reply

    Chicago, please it would be an honor definitely would go

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    Coach Javi you need to make it, out here to Seattle, Tacoma area in Washington state.

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    Do a camp in New York

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    YAY! Coach Javi merch, finally!!! I’m buying one now! I’ll wear when I train my u14 girls. LOVE IT!!

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    Yes!!!!! Count both of us in for Chicago.

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    Come to Dallas!

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