Playin Soccer: Check out the best inter-plays of Riqui Puig with Barça B

Awesome Tip: Check out the best inter-plays of Riqui Puig with Barça B

A central midfielder, Riqui Puig reached Barça B at the age of 18. Last year, he helped the Under-19 team win the UEFA Youth League. This season, Puig went on the summer tour in the United States, having featured in a number of friendlies. He has also been a regular in Barça’s first-team training sessions, and, on Wednesday, he finally made his official debut.

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  1. Reply

    Arthur,De jong,Havertz.

  2. Reply

    A recommend barcelona recruit kai havertz

  3. Reply

    looks more like a young pique…

  4. Reply

    Would be good to see him get some time against Tottenham in CL since we've already qualified.

  5. Reply

    La masia pride shines

  6. Reply

    I see Iniesta reborn..mark my words

    • Bugs
    • February 12, 2021

    Barca will sell him the way like Thiago to Bayern

  7. Reply

    Messi Suarez Coutinho

  8. Reply

    everything is good with him except physicality

    • M
    • February 12, 2021

    Puig as iniesta
    Arthur as xavi
    Messi as one and only leo messi
    This trio would be amazing

  9. Barcelona future is bright. Barca For Life

  10. Reply


  11. Reply

    Future ♥

  12. Reply

    8 Arthur
    6 Riqui
    14 De jong

  13. Reply

    Novo Iniesta

  14. Reply

    El futuro de can Barça.

  15. Reply

    Proud to be a fan of Barcelona

  16. Reply

    Puig merece tener minutos en el primer equipo, ya es capaz, espero que Valverde le de minutos y que gane experiencia

  17. Reply

    The next Iniesta or Xavi Hernandez

    • MJ
    • February 12, 2021

    Iniesta with hair*

  18. Reply

    vamos puig!

  19. Reply

    small man big dream

  20. Reply

    #Inter Merda

  21. Reply

    Iniesta 2.0

  22. Reply

    debe estar en el primer equipo para demostrar todo su potencial como lo hizo Messi, Iniesta o sergio

  23. Reply

    remember his name.

  24. Reply

    Que asquerosa necesidad del estupido de Valverde de poner a rakitic en TODO ya detengan esa mierda que los canteranos fácilmente pueden cubrir ese puesto #RakiticAlBanco #QueRegreseCucurella :v

  25. Reply

    Neuvo iniesta

  26. Reply

    I can’t stop laughing on the last one

  27. Reply

    Queremos ver más a riqui Puig que a rakitic porfa, que está jugando por decreto hasta contra la cultural

  28. Reply

    Denis and Puig

  29. Reply

    This kid ryt here, is more exciting midfielder to watch in the whole barcelona(including Fisrt team) than any mid barring Busi

  30. Reply

    Those are some quick feet…..

  31. Reply

    A ver cuándo sacamos a Rakitic y dejamos explotar a este crack.

  32. Reply

    Yo no sé qué es lo que hacen los equipos pero quiero ver cómo se forma este we,me refiero ala forma de su cuerpo veremos si lo dejan así con esa agilidad o le doblarán el peso

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