Playin Soccer: Change Your Style Of Play To Be More Effective!

Awesome Tip: Change Your Style Of Play To Be More Effective!

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    Almost back to full fitness. A lot more training sessions coming soon!

  2. Reply

    Umm dabing isnt a thing no more

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    Found your channel about a week ago and after days of binge watching your videos I have officially caught up and will need more content soon… Love everything you put out! Keep up the good work!

  4. Reply

    Hey Coach Javi is it possible to get scouted with playing a mix of select and club soccer during high school

    • Tom J
    • February 18, 2021

    What’s your Instagram

  5. Reply

    Ive had a hamstring injury before lasted for like 3 months i pulled it it was the worst feeling ever.

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    Very Cool! I liked the talk in the middle with the idea of being a diverse and effective player, especially when injured. I thought that was Tommy…looked like he pulled up to allow the shot…hehehe! It looks like you all have great ball control, and different passing techniques, and that shot was SWEEEEEET! Great job, Coach! Keep em coming!

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    Did you go to the gym today? Is that still a thing? I just watched Inside Preseason – What Does It Look Like In D1 Soccer video lol?

  8. Reply

    wait at 1:23 that was sick.

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    Can you ask george to start uploading again please, I loved his old videos but the world needs new ones, also does he still play semipro or pro?

  10. Reply

    Don’t listen to Coach Javi. I scored like 3 goals and had 0 red cards.

  11. Reply

    Nice editing

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    What are some drills that I can do for conditioning and getting in shape keep up the good work

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