Playin Soccer: Champions Final 2015 I Highlights: Juventus FC – FC Barcelona (1-3)

Awesome Tip: Champions Final 2015 I Highlights: Juventus FC – FC Barcelona (1-3)

FC Barcelona rode goals from Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suárez, and an injury-time clincher by Neymar Jr to claim the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League title on June 6th at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, Germany.

The victory gives FC Barcelona their fourth Champions League title in the last 10 years — their fifth in team history — and an unprecedented second treble, adding a layer of reinforced concrete to the Catalans’ already rock-solid status as a dynasty for the ages.

Con goles de Ivan Rakitic, Luis Suárez y Neymar Jr, en el tiempo de descuento, el FC Barcelona de Luis Enrique conquista la Liga de Campeones 2015/16, el 6 de junio en el Olympiastadion de Berlín, Alemania.
La victoria (3-1) le dio el FC Barcelona su cuarto título de la Champions en los últimos 10 años (el quinto de la historia del Club) y un segundo triplete sin precedentes (Copa, Liga y Champions), tras el conseguido por el equipo de Pep Guardiola en 2009.

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  1. Reply

    NEYMAR please back 🙁

  2. Reply

    VAR no goal neymar

  3. Reply

    Suarez scoring in front of Evra is great to see as a Liverpool fan

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    My mom sent me a message back in 2015 when i had my little Samsung young and told me that this finale was happening. I REALLY wasn't into football and ,obviously, i didn't care or didn't see the message. Now, i am a Barça fan that really enjoys football and i regret now that i didn't watch the match live. I think tht for Barça fans, 2015 was epic!

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    Missed that days

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    Juventus is nothing ♥️

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    CAMPEONES!!!!!!!! 5

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    POV: you're here after the superleague was announced and realize you will never experience moments like this again

  9. Reply

    Fuck you super legue

  10. Superleague no

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    I hate FC barcelona

  12. 0-1 Ivan Rakitić (4 min)
    1-1 Álvaro Morata (55 min)
    1-2 Luis Suárez (60 min)
    1-3 Neymar (90+7 min)

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    Neymar's goal should have been anuled

  14. Momentos gloriosos:( que estoy seguro que podrán recuperar!!

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    It went from this to Messi,pique,Alba,and Ter Stegan left

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    mom: why you're crying?


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    Aquí es a donde los culés venimos a llorar

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    Valverde was actually a good coach.. ..we should have won the UCL of 19….lost cause of a bad team game.. ..not the coach's fault

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    MSN line beat all Europe's best teams. I miss it

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    The best match i ever watched

  22. Giustamente il rigore netto su pogba non lo fate vedere, furbi

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    A bandeira do Coritiba na Tumb kkkkkkkk

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