Playin Soccer: Can They Beat Coach Javi? – Full Partner Training Session

Awesome Tip: Can They Beat Coach Javi? – Full Partner Training Session

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    My experience training with coach Javi was amazing! he gives you a lot of helpful tips as a player and is just a really cool guy overall!
    I Felt a lot sharper and confident after just 1 session. I'm looking more sessions!

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    What university do you coach for?

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    Beautiful drill !! Lot to learn from it !!thank you coach javi !!!

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    You guys are cool at the GoPro's. I think that domestic leagues around the world should try it.

  5. Coach and you can help make a plan of individual training for children. Greetings from Russia

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    Coach I noticed Kevin ,on that last drill, took touches that almost made it seem like he was supposed to be challenging himself. Rather than taking the wide touch and getting the easy touch as Mustafa did with every touch, he took the more practical game-like touch, where the defender stays in front of the ball, and took a shot around the defender rather than on the side of the defender. As the drill progresses, his touches get wider and wider, probably seeing that he wanted to win, instead of making it difficult on himself. Which way do you suggest is more useful for a player: The way Kevin started or finished the last drill?

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    Le hago el reto que haga un vídeo en Español

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    Bring back the train yourself series

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    Hi Coach Javi! I really enjoy your video of division 1 soccer player's life!! And I really want to be a professional soccer player, so I made about 2 minutes highlights of my play. Please come to my channel and watch my video!!

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    Another quality video

  11. Молодец отличные тренировки

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    Mustafa turkmusun

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    Man, if only you were in Chicago. Schaumburg to be exact or near it

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    Good stuffs, Coach Javi! I like all of those drills. The last one looks fun. I’ll be adding it to my training sessions. Keep sending these!

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    Great things to learn from in this video!

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    Detroit city FC

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    Kevin got the best touches at the last drill but got unlucky x(

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    Bad ass training

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    If you’re interested in playing for one of my teams at the new fieldhouse in Detroit, shoot me a message. Contact info is in the description!

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