Playin Soccer: ✈️ CADIZ – BARÇA: HERE WE GO!

Awesome Tip: ✈️ CADIZ – BARÇA: HERE WE GO!

FC Barcelona face their second game of the week, this time at the Nuevo Mirandilla against Cádiz. The Barça fans will seek to break the losing streak of results with a victory in a complicated stadium and against an opponent who last season already made things very difficult for Barça.


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  1. trip to cadiz? more like trippin in cadiz

  2. Our faith in koeman is gone
    Please barcelona replace him
    And buy a striker who can finish chances

    • Phúc
    • September 24, 2021

    Koeman outttttttt!!!!!!!!!

  3. Koman out #

  4. If victor font is our president then by now he would sacked koeman.
    The socios choosen the wrong president. Despite poor performance last season, they have no taken any steps.

  5. Barca fans really want Xavi Hernandes as Barca coach

  6. We need another coach.

  7. Koeman out

  8. Desde el día que Puyol e Y.Touré se fueron, Marcherano se fue, Butques y la débil defensa fue lenta, frágil. La defensa del Barça nunca fue lo suficientemente segura.
    El BARCA carece de los centrales y centrocampistas fuertes, veloces y con clase que les están llevando a ahogarse a menudo al final de la temporada.

  9. ആ ഇപ്പൊ എങ്ങനെ ഇരിക്കണോ

  10. Xavi should be Barcelona's next manager as it's his dream and he already understands the Barca culture

  11. Xavi Hernandez to Barcelona.



  14. Koeman así como echaste a Luis Suárez ahora te toca que te echen a tí, por incapaz!

  15. fire Koeman, replace a qualified, intelligent coach, replace it with a qualified coach from Germany or from Spain

  16. Wow. Disgraceful

  17. Xavi

  18. Kick the president out of the club …Koeman for president…players need to listen to Koeman and perform rather than fucking around…it’s not a joke..m not betting for Barca anymore…we sux lets admit it

  19. against a small club, cadis, just can't win, quickly fire an unqualified coach, ronald koeman right now, change a quality coach and have a winning mentality, so that barcelona is strong again, can win, and can win easily,

  20. It's difficult for Barca to recover from the current situation anyway. let's Key players escape Barca! come to juve~dejong!

  21. No hope …. L dejong football player or ……

    • Habib
    • September 24, 2021

    Fuck Barca.. legendary tactics by koeman

  22. I bought an Araujo jersey even though I play CAM in uni

  23. Guys what's up with the live match watch along, I really miss it.

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