Playin Soccer: BUSQUETS and ANSU are back in TRAINING!

Awesome Tip: BUSQUETS and ANSU are back in TRAINING!

The Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper is still a hive of activity, and the players that are already back at work trained once again this Thursday morning. Ansu and Busquets joined the squad.,


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  1. Reply

    Fan Barcelona

  2. Reply

    Ansu fati so cute haha!!

  3. Reply

    Ansu cheer up !! Barcelona cheer for !! Subscribe and go.

  4. Reply

    Busqets is not fit for Barcelona team…I hope busqets will be sold as soon as possible

  5. Reply


  6. Reply

    que fenómeno es Ansu pinta a cosas muy grandes

  7. Reply

    Bartomeu 2020: Fati es el futuro.
    Bartomeu 2021: Trueque por Ribéry.
    Tu lo sabes, a Bartomeu le gustan maduros. XD

  8. Reply

    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful…

  9. Reply


  10. Reply

    Vamos Messiiii

  11. Suscríbete a craks

  12. Reply

    Bartomeo out !!!!!!!

    He's the biggest blame in Barcelona history and he makes the best player of all time sad

  13. Reply


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    Triste ver esto, cuando tu mejor jugador y emblema del equipo se quieré ir porque los directivas no son capaz de tomar buenas decisiones, cualquiera se cansa de ver como temporada tras temporada el equipo de tus amores es humillado en el campo de juego

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    sell dembelé hes always injured

  17. Ah busquets lo que ahy es que darle comida parece enfermo por eso no rinde

  18. Reply

    Messi mean all player
    Now no one is in trinning

  19. Reply

    FC Barcelona
    I am Algerian, I am 11 years old and I want to be a player with you

  20. Reply

    Busqeuts should just hang up his boots, his busy becoming a burden,why don't he just leave, at least he'll leave a Legend.

  21. Reply

    Why Messi leaving Barcelona

  22. Reply

    Dimite Bartomeu

  23. Reply

    Para cuándo dimite Bartomeu?

  24. Reply

    Messi vai pra man city

  25. Reply

    Bartomey out

  26. Reply

    El tambien del lugare del Luiz Soares

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