Playin Soccer: BUILDING CONFIDENCE BACK – Partner Training Drills For Soccer/Football

Awesome Tip: BUILDING CONFIDENCE BACK – Partner Training Drills For Soccer/Football

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    In case anyone wants to buy the Replay Station, please use my link as it helps the channel! https://www.quickplaysport.us/#a_aid=CoachJavi

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    What do you call that small "wall" that y'all kick against?

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    Like your lens Coach Javi

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    Great work. Great video. Appreciate your content

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    Love the videos !!

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    The ending. Hahahaha.

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    Day In the life of a professional coach??

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    You have really quality content.Nice job. I have similar content , let’s exchange ideas.

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    How do you recover after training in that freezing weather?

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    The guy who said hasnt cut her hair since febreaury hahah why Man?

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    That slow motion with the snow and the music! Damn so on point.

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    Another quality video coach! Loving the sound of the ball in this video!

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    Keep it up coach javi really helping me out

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    Love the videos! Great Content!

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    nice drills!

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    Love using these videos!

    • Matgk
    • February 12, 2021

    Cool new camara lens

    • Matgk
    • February 12, 2021

    Grate vid and talent

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    So far you guys have had some great questions for the series. Go ahead and leave them below so we can answer them in future episodes!

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