Playin Soccer: Breaking Down and Analyzing Your Highlight Videos

Awesome Tip: Breaking Down and Analyzing Your Highlight Videos

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    What do you think are the most important qualities of a good highlight video?

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    Completely off-topic but where did you get that desk?

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    Hi Coach! Great vid, can you do an analysis of what you want to see in a goalkeeper prospect? Thanks!

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    how can u give criticism on 'highlight' clips (the best few seconds of playing)

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    Hey Coach Javi what are the best apps or websites to make highlight videos?

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    2nd guy only passes left big weakness

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    I love watching this video but I’m putting mine in here as well if that’s fine, let me know what you think !

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    Coach javi, do you think flair is a bad thing?

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    would u do keeper vids too

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    Hey coach Javi , I'm 18 year old and I'm from Rochester, NY I'm a really good player and It's my dream to got professional any tips ?

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    Can anyone take a quick look at mine ? I want some feedback so I can improve. I am trying to play in college

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    Hey coach you have any videos on improving emotional regulation during play? I have some players with anger issues

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    Right before he said “ooops my bad” my phone actually fell on me lmaoo

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    Lol the second guys highlight video has my team in it. Maryland, Potomac Showcase.

    • ZDP
    • February 1, 2021

    Hey coach Javi would it be possible to do a video on college soccer transferring. Any tips you know on contacting coaches to transfer to another program. Thank you love your content!

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    If I send you my highlight video will you review it?

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    Thank you so much for ,the feed back and the compliment on the abilities, I will take it into consideration for the next one . Great video hope you have more success this coming year. Thanks again.

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    So what should I do if I’m a secondary keeper that really wanted to play college soccer and was a good player just was sec because of my height. Would you take practice videos instead of games because I didn’t play much for my high school team

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    Can Coach Javi give me some advice? This might sound very self explanatory but, what would you make sure to include in your video if your a keeper? I hope to one day help my younger brother make his own highlight video in the future but I don’t know what he should include since he’s a keeper. What would Coach Javi like to see if he were to watch a keeper’s highlight video?

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    Will you give us feedback and answer some questions about our highlight reel if we send it to you??

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    Hey Javi. I love your videos and editing! Keep it up bro 😀

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    Said he didn’t watch any of the videos before, skip to 7:04

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    Nice vid bud

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    Yo, im from Bloomingdale. You still haven’t paid me for your highlight reel.

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    Great video Javi! Loved the editing and feedback.

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    Yo! A while back you promise a Q&A with stina and we never got it. She probably graduated by now, you should make it happen.

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