Playin Soccer: Blazepod Review And Training Session With A Professional Footballer!

Awesome Tip: Blazepod Review And Training Session With A Professional Footballer!

Get your very own Blazepods! Make sure you use this link to get some savings!

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  1. Reply

    Dear Javi
    Congratulations on a great video, just like the previous blzepod show. I trust we can see the finger as soon as possible.

  2. Reply

    I use them as well. A little frustrated with the difficulty in setting up for large classes or multiple activities but I see a lot of potential for them.

  3. Reply

    excelente información blazepood son muy buenas nosotros trabajamos con ellas tambn

  4. Reply

    Do you know when will the rebound boards will be back in stock. I need them really badly

  5. Reply

    Blazepods are sweet. I will look into getting some.

  6. Reply

    Good drills to do on touches and passes ⚽️

  7. Reply

    Thank you Coach Javi for making a video. You make me go play soccer and train. Keep it up Coach

  8. Reply

    Huge shoutout to the people at Blazepod for sending me these! They have been super useful and fun when doing individual sessions. Use my link to support the channel and get some savings:


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