Playin Soccer: Blazepod Recovery and Reaction Soccer Training Session

Awesome Tip: Blazepod Recovery and Reaction Soccer Training Session

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Music: Vexento – Jump

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  1. If you are interested in the Blazepods, I highly recommend them! Use my link to get your own and you will help support the channel, but also get some savings of your own!

  2. Hey I’m currently a junior in high school as of right now. I play Left back and how do you think I should market my self to coaches since I’m a defender. I played club for about 2 years and was a starter. But when I started high school I thought it was time for a break but I was never able to go back. Love the vids keep up the great work.

  3. Getting a little chilly in Detroit Michigan Coach Javi? And this device looks dope also congrats on being named Head Coach of DCFC (if I’m not mistaken)

  4. Excelente trabajo con las luces se esfuerza mas uno en el entrenamiento tanto de adulto coo adolecente donde se podria conseguir .Saludo desde Panamá

  5. Are you going to upload your game ?

  6. Interesting device, think the wall is good for the price compared to skilz. ( set up time and use on turf) creative on drills .

  7. First

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