Playin Soccer: Birth of Messi's 3rd son evokes congratulations at training session

Awesome Tip: Birth of Messi's 3rd son evokes congratulations at training session

Following a welcome day off on Sunday to recover strength following the victorious trip to Malaga, the Barça first team were back at the training ground on a sunny but very windy Monday morning to start focusing 100% on the Champions League visit of Chelsea on Wednesday.

There was a happy mood as the players gathered before the workout to applaud Leo Messi on the birth of his third child, Ciro Messi. The new member of the Barça family was born on Saturday, the reason why the Argentinian did not join the rest of the team in Andalusia.
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    Nice song and music

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    Does anyone know the song name? Please help, thanks alguien se sabe el nombre del tema? Por favor

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    This man had a beautifull life

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    Messi master of freekicks

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    Messi is good

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    What leggings are those ?

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    What is the song name? Shazam doesn't recognize

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    barca=best team in the world

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    I whatched an advert before it started and it was the same exact video

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    Meu sonho de conhecer o Messi mais um dia eu consigo

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    congratulation lm10 the king of football

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    Hit like if you want Messi to score a hat trick
    One for Thiago
    One for Mateo
    One for Ciro

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    You are great lional messi I love you

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    I feel like demble will score tomorrow, but my real hope was seen semedo playing cus he is really talented.my prediction is barca will win 2-0

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    Congratulations on Ciro, Leo. Força Barça !!!!!!!!!! Hope we can win.

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    messi practis your speed so you can get more faster and be the best footballer keep it up

  20. Meeeeeéssiiiii meeeeeeessiiiiii

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    Date for barca vs chelsea???

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    Messi,s third son name is ciro messi

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    Ha ha.. No way Chelsea will win again against barsa…

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    Barca needs to be eliminated by chelsea so he can have more time for his new kid

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    The Third Leo congratulations my idol

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