Playin Soccer: BEST SAVES | Ter Stegen is ready for his 200 match with Barça

Awesome Tip: BEST SAVES | Ter Stegen is ready for his 200 match with Barça

Don’t miss Marc-André Ter Stegen’s best saves playing for FC Barcelona. The German goalkeeper is ready to play his match number 200 for the club.
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    Like si Ter Stegen es tu Portero del Alma.

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    Kasih baju par anak jua kiper

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    Phenominal seves

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    How just how does he do that

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    Watching in 2020

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    Best of best❤️

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    The eart best goalkeeper football the eart best goolkeeper me hero fan ter stegen the best gooalkeeper eart 1

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    My favorite goalkeeper ter stegan

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    TER ,, you are in the best team in the world ,,,, You could even be better than neuer (YOU ARE) ,,,,,, Stay at CAMP NOU

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    I like ter stegen as a goal keeper

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    يارجال افضل حارس بلعالم

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    The best goolkeeper terstegen

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    Mes qe un club del mierda de piqe

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    I love you

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    He's a real man!

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    He's a real man!

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    Kawal 8-2

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    0:59 superman punch

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    If you sub to me I’ll sub to you

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    Ter stegen the best
    My idol

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    Meu ídolo ⚽

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    Ter Steven es un crack

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    Idol Ter Stegen

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