Playin Soccer: Best Of Luck In Norway Mate.

Awesome Tip: Best Of Luck In Norway Mate.

It was a fun ride man! Best of luck back home.

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  1. Reply

    Hello norway //sweden

  2. Reply

    Coach javi how has Isak been? And progress?

  3. Reply

    How does he get his touch to go down and bounce and not out

    • HasK
    • February 5, 2021

    What did he graduate in?

    • Josh
    • February 5, 2021

    How much do those ball launchers cost?

  4. Reply

    Crack on lad!

    • Devo
    • February 5, 2021

    really going to miss these videos 🙁

  5. Reply

    There isnt a COACH like COACH JAVI!! He's chill, intelligent and especially fun..this is how all coaches should be!

  6. Reply

    Good Luck!

  7. Reply

    Where is he going to play what team if he is

  8. Reply

    Awesome getting to watch you train, Isak! I hope to hear good things about you at the pro level. Now what, Coach Javi? Do you have another Isak?

  9. Reply

    Everyone needs a coach like Coach Javi someone that's willing to help you develop and that enjoys coaching!

  10. Reply

    Best of Luck isak remember , once you make it big , don’t forget where you came from ✊

  11. Reply

    That's awesome he's going to Norway. I moved to Sweden to pursue professional opportunities, scandinavia is the place to go to get started

  12. Reply

    He can definitely make it to the Bundesliga one day.:) All the best for Isak and everyone going through this journey.

  13. Reply

    Good luck Isak!

    • Devo
    • February 5, 2021

    "Coach Javi I don't feel so good"

  14. Reply

    Is he going to make a youtube channel ?

  15. Reply

    Good luck isakk.

  16. Reply

    Gotta stop saying mate

  17. Reply

    is he going pro ?

  18. Reply

    Mr javi "i dont wanna go"


  19. Reply

    Good luck Isak ⚽ good luck on your new journey ⚽ and good luck on Norway Mate ⚽

  20. Reply

    Good luck Isak!

  21. Reply

    Good luck dude, safe trip

  22. Reply

    We are truly gonna miss him…good luck to the legend!

  23. Reply

    Coach Javi is a prime example of how all coaches should be. #goodluckisak

  24. Reply

    Good Luck Isak.

    • Shuk
    • February 5, 2021

    " mr javi i don't feel so good "

  25. Reply

    Best of luck isak!

  26. Reply

    You can do it Isak !

  27. Reply

    Best of luck mate, hardwork pays off! btw someone plug his instagram I want to follow his journey!

  28. Reply

    I’ll miss him from the channel

  29. Reply

    Is he ever gonna come back and visit

  30. Reply

    Go do it Isak

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