Playin Soccer: BEST GOALS | 18/19 season training sessions

Awesome Tip: BEST GOALS | 18/19 season training sessions

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    Do popular training program like Episoketren System really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard several awesome things about this popular training course.

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    Setien / ten hag / pep in

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    Setien / ten hag / pep in

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    I like Messi gool

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    (Coutinho. Dembele) do well in trainning but not do well in matches

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    Argentina must use MAD in attack for copa

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    We are in the game of results… you might have a good game and be a good player.. but you will get judged on your stats. The more gaols you score the mopre valuable you are to your team!!!! Awsome Video!!

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    Don’t sell coutinho plz

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    Messi,yes you are the one that we love this sport..today ucl trophy seemed other worldly thing to all barca fan.It's not your fault bro..but barca board has to consider where they are getting this ultimate club..it hurts..

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    please do NOT resign Neymar – valverde out!

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    Messi not winning ballon dor. Van Djik CL

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    You have to watch in Super Slow Mo what Messi is actually doing.. so fast

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    Valverde Continue

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    발베르데 꺼져

  16. Barcelona we need neymar please please please please he is second pleyer in the world Messi is a ferst pleyer In the world please please please we need neymar

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    Por fa que se quede Coutiho no lo dejen que se vaya plis y no quiero criticas

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    Valverde out

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    Barca! Barca! Barcaaaaa! We support u in any situation….

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    Messi goal is the best

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    Like if I could manage Barcelona better than Valverde

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    3 juve Barcellona 0

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    imagin barca without messi
    what we aspect.

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    Leo messi is always superb

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    Keeping Valverde would be such a big mistake. The direction that the board and club is taking is scary.

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    In any case, De Ligt must be delivered to the team!

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    Bartomeu what a president.
    Almost 500 millions spent on shit players.
    The median age of the team is 30 years old
    la masia is dead under his era.
    Barca lost their philosophy and he hired the most useless coach in history.
    4 years of failure in Europe.
    Your cv is good for a madridista.

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    Watch my channel!

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    Barca intenta fichar al neymar plzz

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    Queremos a griezman

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    Queremos a griezman

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    Queremos a griezman

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    Queremos a griezman

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    Please don't sell because valverde was playing him out of position don't him

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    The only goal you have to do :
    Bartomeu OUT
    Valverde OUT
    Find the pleasur lost when we watch FCB plays

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    Valverde out

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