Playin Soccer: BEST GOAL YOU SCORED FOR BARÇA? | KOEMAN takes the #90secondschallenge

Awesome Tip: BEST GOAL YOU SCORED FOR BARÇA? | KOEMAN takes the #90secondschallenge

New manager Ronald Koeman becomes the latest challenger in the #90secondschallenge! See how the Barça legend managed against the clock!


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  1. Reply

    Pa cuando a messi?

  2. Reply

    Y Messi porque no lo hace.¿?

  3. Reply

    Y Messi cuando???

  4. Reply

    Wait, wake up time is 7:30..my mom would be proud if i did it too…

  5. Reply

    He probably met papaya or wanted to say pineapple but got caught ahah

  6. Reply

    If you do challenges with Messi I will guarantee u will get +15Million Views

  7. Reply

    Ask koeman : when you leave this club? Stop making barca lose again and eat that lenglet and braithwaite a*ss

  8. Reply

    Fakiu kouman

  9. Reply

    Who's here after we lost 2:3

  10. Reply

    She is bahdd

  11. Reply

    Anyone knows her name for God's sake? Her ig?

  12. Reply

    Me: release Luis Suareź or have 100 billion dollars?
    Koeman: Release Suareź

  13. Reply

    0:41 i think he thought she said favorite food

  14. Reply

    Koeman = Dracula

  15. Reply

    Why don't they make this kind of videos with Messi ?

  16. Reply

    Why u no dey use Puig why.

  17. Reply

    if messi to cool to do this or what lol

  18. Reply

    Who is she?

  19. Reply

    Koeman out!!!

  20. Reply

    In case you didn't know, Koeman used to play for Barcelona

  21. Reply

    She's like a praying mantis

  22. Reply

    Are you out of your depth managing Barcelona ? Err yesh

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