Playin Soccer: Behind the Scenes Of An Individual Session With Isak

Awesome Tip: Behind the Scenes Of An Individual Session With Isak

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    Hey guys, go check out Brad's new website at https://www.tacticscorner.com and make sure to follow him @tacticscorner on twitter and instagram!

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    Hello coach Javi I’m a college player here in California. I play center back what are some good drills I can do to help me with my position on the field and to get better to step and read the game better.
    Thank you !

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    Tell gashami he’s not the only Liverpool fan

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    Love it! Gotta go check out the tactics corner. Gashamy setting records! Been using the individual training techniques. Thank you!

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    Whens the pdf coming?!?!

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    what college do you work for

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    You guys are awesome. Love the new tactics corner website. YNWA

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