Playin Soccer: BEHIND THE SCENES – Leo Messi's return to Camp Nou (season 2015/16)

Awesome Tip: BEHIND THE SCENES – Leo Messi's return to Camp Nou (season 2015/16)

Leo Messi appeared at the Camp Nou on Wednesday for the first time this season. After starring for Argentina at the Copa America and then taking a much-deserved summer break, the striker was back in front of his fans at the Joan Gamper Trophy. Our cameras followed him from his arrival at the stadium to the end of the 3-0 win over AS Roma. Here you can enjoy fascinating behind-the-scenes images of the club’s star player as he makes his way along the Camp Nou corridors and then prepares to go out to salute the fans during the presentation of the team. Five minutes of footage to savour. Enjoy!

Leo Messi vivió el miércoles su primer día en el Camp Nou esta temporada. El estreno del crack argentino coincidió con la 50ª edición del Trofeo Joan Gamper. Una cámara siguió al ’10’ desde su llegada al estadio hasta el final del partido contra la AS Roma.

En este documento, pues, se incluyen imágenes exclusivas como el recorrido por los pasillos del Camp Nou o los segundos previos a su salida al campo en el momento de la presentación del equipo. Todo, en cinco minutos.

Leo Messi va viure dimecres el seu primer dia al Camp Nou aquesta temporada. L’estrena del crac argentí va coincidir amb la 50a edició del Trofeu Joan Gamper. Una càmera va seguir el ‘10’ des de la seva arribada a l’Estadi fins al final del partit contra l’AS Roma.

En aquest document, doncs, s’inclouen imatges exclusives, com el recorregut pels passadissos del Camp Nou o els segons previs a la seva sortida al camp en el moment de la presentació de l’equip. Tot, en cinc minuts.

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  1. good old days

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    Anyone……….here to see the golden Barca ❤️

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    oh the msn days how i miss them

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    Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi messi

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    Man, from being one of the most beloved clubs with amazing football to a almost-bankrupt club who's best player will leave for free. Hate to see it from a die hard barca fan

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    He's leaving now

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    Don't leave.

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    Who is watching this after Messi won his 6th ballon d’or

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    I love messi I have all his kits

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    Simple humble , yet the most powerful,leo

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    I like Messi And Ronaldo i cant pick a better player they are both Astonishing to watch

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    Totti eheheh

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    I love messi

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    Men do training
    Legends train others

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