Playin Soccer: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Junior Firpo's first day in Barcelona

Awesome Tip: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Junior Firpo's first day in Barcelona

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    Thank you

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    Una pena que allás salido del club de mis amores pero a la vez me alegro enormemente que sigas creciendo como futbolista. Te aprecio muchísimo

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    Freddie mercury negro?

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    Welcome junior to barca

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    ALABA? ALABA!!!!

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    Wellcome Jr. Firpo

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    Bienvenido! Viva la rep Dominicana , Forza Barça

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    Welcome Bro!

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    Gran gran fichaje. Futuro lateral izquierdo titular

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    اهلا بك في بيتك الجديد البرشا ان شاء الله يعود نيمااار

  12. un tres bon joueur mais valverde est si nul que pour lui donner une chance il faudra attendre toute une annee . il ne fait que gacher l'avenir des joueurs et surtout jeunes . aucune notion de rotation . le roi de la remontada

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    Welcome to Barça, Junior Firpo

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    Junior,,, next Neymar Jr

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    Same thing was said about Yery Mina but valverde ruined him

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    Very good signing he should start 100%

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    barka barka barka

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    Junior Dominican Power…….

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  20. Fichajazo joven y con mucho talento Junior firpo bienvenido al mejor club el barca

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    Ni me gustan nada de este

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    welcome to the best club in the world..

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    He better get some playing time or he would end up like Malcom

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    Welcome firpo

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    Please make a subtitles

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