Playin Soccer: BEHIND THE SCENES | Hanging out with Rafinha before Inter Milan comes to town

Awesome Tip: BEHIND THE SCENES | Hanging out with Rafinha before Inter Milan comes to town

There’s one Barça player who is looking especially forward to Wednesday’s Champions League match against Inter Milan at Camp Nou.

Why? Because the player in question — Rafinha — actually played for Inter last season. So, naturally, given his recent history with the I Nerazzurri, the Barça midfielder is more than excited to face his former teammates.

Thus, we decided to take a ride with Rafinha to delve deeper into his psyche heading into the big match. Along the way, he opens up on his daily routine, his training regimen, his memories of Milan, and even his relationship with Mauro Icardi, with whom Rafinha played while at La Masia.

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  1. Mi amor ♥️

  2. Me sorprendio como habla tan bien el español si nacio en brasil

  3. Rafinha cannot run with the ball.
    Rafinha no pot córrer amb la pilota.

  4. #rafinha torna all'Inter!

  5. Rafinha não é jogador pra ser titular do barcelona.

  6. Vuelve al inter Raf!!

  7. Grande Rafinha

  8. We miss you rafinha. Please come back #riprendirafinha

  9. Está muy bien la mujer de barsa tv.

  10. the most trash player in Barcelona

  11. Forza INTER !!!

  12. Its called inter! No inter milan! Come on!!

  13. The name of the girl? Insta or sth..?

    • Nidzz
    • February 10, 2021

    Make a video like this with malcom and give him a starting place

  14. I hope y’all make more videos like this

  15. Great, I think he gonna score today

  16. So he's friends with Icardi right?
    HIDE HERRRRRR!!!!!!!
    just kidding

  17. Did any of you noticed that messi's hair was bouncing while he was running????


  18. VISCA BARCA, me encantaria ver como nuestro proximo mister a MARCELO DANIEL EL MUÑECO GALLARDO,es de los mejores del mundo:sabe leer los partidos,tiene variantes de acuerdo al rival y repotenciaria nuestra macia…ojala los directivos lo tengan en cuenta a mediano plazo;estoy seguro que calzaria perfecto y nos volveria a ser grandes incluso superando lo que hizo pep guardiola!!!

    Es capaz de reinventarse,nos hace resilientes para superar nuestros momentos mas dificiles y tiene un gran ojo y atino para reclutar,formar y potenciar jugadores….miren lo que ha hecho con C.A. River Plate de Argentina…yo le daria lo que pida y le firmaría garantizaria que pueda trabajar con el equipo a largo plazo.

    cuentenme qué opian ustedes?

    salu2 desde Colombia!!

  19. Bien hoy partidazo (^^)

  20. He's painfully good-looking.

  21. Barça el mejor !!!

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