Playin Soccer: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça players try on their new Thom Browne suits

Awesome Tip: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça players try on their new Thom Browne suits

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  1. Reply

    Honestly, I wouldn't be caught dead in those trousers.

  2. Reply

    Equipo español y nisiquiera SUBTITULADO EN ESPAÑOL!!!! VAYANSE A LA CTM!!!

  3. Reply

    Georgina, soy tu mega faaaaaaan. Saludos desde Mex.

  4. Reply

    Vidal hasta con traje se ve indecente

  5. Reply

    Where is Messi??

  6. The name of the girl ?

  7. Reply

    Pork hablan inglés si Barcelona esta en España XD

  8. Reply

    Todibo shining
    Valverde OUT

  9. Reply

    Dress choice may be by valvedre
    terrible dress like his playing style

  10. Reply

    Very ugly suit

  11. Reply

    Lmfao Messi gets his suit delivered to him.

  12. Reply

    How bout trying a new coach?

  13. Reply

    Todibo was looking good on those

    • Cj
    • February 5, 2021

    Just sayin Ter Stegen should be Captain Messi isn’t a leader he don’t motivate his team at all , I saw clips now he distances himself from certain teammates like Grizou it’s shameful

  14. Reply

    Where is the king… @leo

  15. Reply

    Where can i get those sunglasses pleaseeeee?

  16. Reply

    Roberto is so cool

  17. Reply

    It fun

  18. Reply

    Like a NASA workers

  19. Reply

    You should try a new manager

  20. Reply

    it's a designers suit..that's how it was meant to be..it's ok i luv it

  21. Reply

    Who’s the host?

  22. Reply

    Very nice

  23. Reply

    This blondie is better manager than valverde

  24. Reply

    The thumbnail was a clickbait. Where's Griez?

  25. Reply

    Ummm guys, you are here to play football, not wear fancy suits that don't even fit.

  26. Reply

    Alguien sabe como se llama la chica que sale en el video???

    • cmd
    • February 5, 2021

    02:02 shut the fuck up

  27. Reply

    Biggest bottlers of CL.

  28. Reply

    These suits look awful, so Valverde out!

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