Playin Soccer: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça 2-1 Villarreal from the inside

Awesome Tip: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça 2-1 Villarreal from the inside

Exclusive footage of the Camp Nou focused on the fans before and during the match
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  1. Reply

    Barca vs Villarreal 2-1

    • Scrow
    • February 10, 2021

    Que musica de mierda ponen

  2. Reply

    la música del inicio una mierd*

  3. Reply

    يسلمو والله انك احلا قناه

  4. Reply

    Bartomeu and valverde please get lost.

  5. Reply

    La canción se llama "UN DÍA DE PARTIT"

  6. Reply

    Who was the guy who got interviewed

  7. Reply

    Valverde Out

  8. Reply

    valverde out

  9. Reply

    Alguna día iré al Camp Nou y cumpliré mi sueño!

  10. Reply

    Valverde Out

  11. Reply

    Dear FC Barcelona, do you have a video that was displayed on the big screen before the match? I was in this movie, and because it was my first time at Camp Nou, it would be a great souvenir for me. Thank you and best regards!

  12. Reply

    Who are these two guys.

  13. Reply

    Asain are the boss

  14. Reply

    Valverde out
    Xavi in

  15. Reply

    valverde out

  16. Reply

    barcelona Have to buy a good quarterback

  17. Reply

    valverde out

  18. Reply

    Ahora si todos los partidos inside

  19. Reply

    I love fc bercelona

  20. Reply

    Barselona 2019-2020 is very bad

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