Playin Soccer: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça 1-1 Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey

Awesome Tip: [BEHIND THE SCENES] Barça 1-1 Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey

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    hy guys, I'm a fan of Barcelona from Indonesia, let's subs for our channel subs, thank you.

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    As a person who doesn't live in Barca… These videos really show us an insight to how these matches happen and the BTS before and after the match… Love these guys

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    Nose porque tengo la sensacion de que el barcelona jugará mejor en el Santiago Bernabeu

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    Fuck israel did not deserved to watch barca game

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    'arju kl man yaraa risalatay yusaeiduni

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    marhabaan 'iiniy min aleiraq 'uhibu kurat alqadam waiada laeib kurat qadam mawhub jiddaan wamutlak sareah ealyh jiddaan bialadafih 'iilaa tasdasudat qawiyih wala 'amlik shyi alwasl 'iilaa nadi 'aw fariq kuli 'aqdam mawhibati wa'ana eumri 18 sanah

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    Like From Haiti.

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    Valverde should be sacked

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    mijo subi el video cuando estan en el camerino antes de iniciar el partido.

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    minuto 5:18 ramos y messi se ignoran mutuamente.

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    fuck isreal 1:30

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    Why music?

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    with messi and dembele we'll destroy them in the 2nd leg

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    Fuck the UCL FLOP FATTY SUAREZ, cant even receive a ball… most horrible ball control … worst barca passer ever and slow as fuck… misses a host of chances, only reason for being at barca is for being mess's bitch…

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    80 000 in the stadium and I can’t hear shit on TV except the commentary and a 5 second long roar after we score.

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    hopefully they win in the 2nd leg

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