Playin Soccer: [BEHIND THE SCENES] 12 hours with Arthur

Awesome Tip: [BEHIND THE SCENES] 12 hours with Arthur

Arthur enjoyed an intense but exciting second day as a blaugrana. Over the course of the day he signed his first contract as a Barça player, and also had his first touches of the ball on the Camp Nou pitch.

FC Barcelona’s cameras were present throughout to provide exclusive video images of Arthur’s presentation as a new player which won’t be seen anywhere else. Don’t miss it!

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  1. goodbye arthur melo:)

  2. And look how is relationship between Arthur and FC Barcelona

  3. song???

  4. Juve

  5. Who’s here before he leaves

  6. Now they trying to sell him

  7. God bless

  8. Now he is one of our crucial players

  9. Vamo grêmioooo!

  10. Es va ser ona legênda

  11. vengo 5 meses despues :v y creo que juega fino

  12. Wait a sec first Rafinha
    Then Coutinho
    And Arthur wowww all of em trio of brazil midfield :O

  13. Sou Corinthiano mais quando via esse cara jogar ficava de boca aberta merece estar no melhor clube do mundo. Barça Barça Barça

  14. Arthur melo vs Xavi hernandes

  15. Who is here after his now a star nd a regular starter ? That was so fast

  16. Arthur is a very skilful player and a talented young player.

  17. Grêmio!!

  18. Artur joga clash Royale carai

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