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—- Introduction —-

What’s up guys! ThinkFast is back, where we challenge you to make quick choices in real game situations. You won’t have much time, so you need to … Think Fast….

[Title Sequence]

—- MLS Play —-

Here Rafael Baca from San Jose receives the ball and turns. Baca has two clear options:

1) Beitashour in the middle
2) Chavez out wide

Which choice would you make?

Result: Baca misses the scoring opportunity in the middle. Instead, he attempts a pass downfield which is easily blocked by a defender.

[Play clip]


Baca should have passed to Beitashour in the middle, creating a dangerous scoring opportunity at the top of the penalty box. His pass should have been delivered slightly off the ground to make it more difficult for the defender to block the ball.


A well-executed pass into the middle to Beitashour would have created a dangerous goal scoring opportunity. Instead, Baca misses the pass and the goal scoring opportunity is lost.

—- Bale and Real Madrid —-

Here Gareth Bale receives the ball in space. At this point Bale has several options:

1) Play a through pass for Isco
2) Find Jese behind the defense
3) Pass to Ronaldo
4) Take a Shot

Which choice would you make?

Result: Bale chooses option #4, taking a shot himself.


Although Bale could score from long distance, he has better attacking options.

Because Manchester City’s right fullback is keeping both Isco and Jese onside,

Option #1) Playing a through pass for Isco, or

Option #2) Finding Jese behind the defense,

are probably the best choices.

Either option could result in an excellent goal scoring opportunity for Real Madrid.

—- Barcelona Goal —-

Here Suarez receives the ball out wide. His best option is to pass to Neymar, who is making a run toward goal. But a pass directly to Neymar will force him to stop to receive the ball, slowing down the attack.

How would you pass to Neymar without slowing down the attack?


Suarez solves the problem by passing through the defender’s legs, allowing Neymar to maintain his speed while moving the attack forward.

Once Neymar receives the pass, he has two options:

1) Take the ball to goal
2) Pass to Messi

Which choice would you make?


Neymar takes both options:

First he takes the ball to goal, drawing the defender AND the goalkeeper toward him, which leaves Messi open in the middle.

Neymar then passes to Messi, who is now unmarked and scores with ease.

—- Conclusion —-

We hope you liked this video…


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