Playin Soccer: Beat the Goalkeeper! | ThinkFast

Awesome Tip: Beat the Goalkeeper! | ThinkFast

Beat the Goalkeeper in this ThinkFast Episode!


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    the second last i chose dribble the keeper while the last i chose both 2 wrong answers

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    Bhai zara hindi me bhi bata diya karo

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    I got all correct

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    I'm golkiperbin bagladesh

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    Another option chip the ball should be included for the last second situation

  6. Reply

    I would aim for far post

  7. Reply

    I will do CHIP

    • A BC
    • February 6, 2021

    In 1 on 1 situations with the goalkeeper on regular 11 a side football ( with those large and high goals ) I would always go for the chip / lob as soon as the goalkeeper is a few steps ( maybe around the 5 yard area ) off the goalline . The goals are so high and wide – if you do a good lob and not too central the keeper basically has no chance . If you approach the keeper with the ball on your foot and you have a little bit of time ( for example at a counter attack after your teammate set you up with a throughball so that you are in a 1 on 1 situation ) shortly before you finish you could take your last touch before you do the lob in a slight angle ( if you are right footed then to the right , for example ) , so then the keeper will think you will go for the shot to the right corner . If you then start your shooting motion the keeper will almost every time start to lower his body to prepare to block the shot for the right corner – thats when you instead of shooting there do the lob over his left shoulder . If you do it right it s basically a guaranteed goal . If you have a decent touch and ball controll that s the most effective way to score on those big goals if the keeper is off the goalline in my opinion .
    This is how I scored about 80 to 90 percent of my goals on 1 on 1 situations in 11 a side football and in every of those 3 shown examples in this video I would have gone for the lob / chip .

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    Yes! I guess 2 first quiz but 3. I think I'ts so hardest

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    Obviesly, Zlatan can't be wrong!!!

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    The fact that i have never answered wrong in think fast series makes me more emotional of my parents becoming as a barrier for not chasin my dream…i hope for ur help all attack

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    How to chip the ball into goalkeeper try this plizz all attack

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    please tell me

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    what app do you use to edit

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    This guy explain very good

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    hey you tought me some amazing skills

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    • FG 3
    • February 6, 2021

    You should do more think fait.

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    Good but one, you can chip it going that fast and you never mentioned teammates and the other defenders

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    Please make a video on knuckleball

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    For the last one I think it's better to shoot for near post can it be a goal @AllAttack

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    I hesitated during playing .How to play confidently between people

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    Defensive midfielder drills & Gaming plz Next Time

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    Tell how to save the ball by goal keeper

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    Ur such a ledge for bro #1 biggest fan

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    Roberto Firmino could also had dribbled the goalie.

  26. Super bro good teach

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