Playin Soccer: Barça's first preseason training session for 2019/20

Awesome Tip: Barça's first preseason training session for 2019/20

Barça players complete first workout of the 2019-20 season; the new signings De Jong, Neto, and Griezmann all take part.

The 2019-20 pre-season is underway for FC Barcelona. It began on Monday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva, where the first of two sessions scheduled for the day was completed by all available first team players, including the newest incorporations, Frenkie de Jong, Neto, and Antoine Griezmann.

Before the Monday morning workout, goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen and forward Ousmane Dembélé were declared fit. The pair had been recovering from injuries suffered late last season. Ter Stegen had right knee soreness, while Dembélé had right hamstring issues.
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    I want see l.messi and ph.countinho?

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    ostia, que feo sera verlo el lunes sin leo messi

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    There are literally hundreds of millions of Euros on that pitch

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    De Jong Frenkie is the best defender

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    valverder out

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    de jong is not a winger but he is a midfielder if Varerde always misplays players like conthinho

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    messı super playersss 10 messı

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    i don't like griezman

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    Dembele needs to be more serious this season…enough of casual football, loose passes, over hitting the ball…he isn't the only young dude in European football. Mbappe, Frankie, Delight are all young and are meeting up fans' expectation. Season 3 in Laliga…no excuse this time around. Goodluck!

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    Follow me

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    i love your football league.

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    add me your group now?

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    el mas puntero que nunca del campeonato

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    vamos barca!!!!

    • Adam
    • February 12, 2021

    you guys still watching barcelona hahah poor team with potato players,Griezmann and de Jong both good but it's late, they wasted golden players :(, now they should have a good coach not a shity one, Messi RIP , no Deff ,,,, ,so enjoy depressing yourselves,seriously they don't deserve your times don`t forget 0-4 LOL unforgettable memories ,what a shame!

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    viva barca

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    Barcelona all the way for next season

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    Where is Messi in the video?

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    Barcelone pour toujours

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    Did griezmann join fcb

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    de jong can be cool with puig lol

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    Neymar come back

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    le barca c'est mon l'equipe au monde

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